Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Scott2 - part 4

Scott...Part 1
Scott...Part 2
Scott...Part 3

Does it really turn you on to make another guy feel really great?  It does me.  And even though Scotty had only stopped by twice before, I was pretty sure I knew how to make him feel that way.  I'm not talking aout your common blowjob...[only met one guy who that didn't make feel great-he had other fetishes]...but rather that combination of touch, kiss, blow, caress that gets him rocking like no one else.  The kind of good feeling that, when he sees your picture, or sees a text from you, gets his cock at least a little harder because he remembers you that well.

I know that I can do that to Scotty.  I wasn't sure before, but when he walked through that door, and I could see through his dress pants that his dick was obviously ready for action, then I knew for sure.

We were supposed to meet on Monday, but he was called into meetings late, and had another meeting later in the day, so it was looking bleak.  He finally texted me to explain.  I said, "If you can make it, we can still have some fun, and have a longer session later this week."

Not knowing if he was going to be able to or not, I still got things ready...shower, equipment, etc.  It started getting pretty late...if he showed up now, we would only have 45 minutes...so I was pretty sure we would have to pick it up later.  Suddenly, a car turned into the driveway, and he walked in the backdoor.

I look at him again, not knowing exactly what he does or where he works, and think he could be a VP somewhere, an accountant, or a Director, but definitely someone who is used to acting with some authority.  Anyone looking at him would just know that this guy is the straightest guy around, typical wife and kids, big home, NFL football Sunday, cookouts with the neighbors, and go to Mama's house every other Sunday for dinner.  But not today ...  Today, right now, he's mine.  I own him.  He needs me.  He needs this, and he needs it now.

We go straight to the bedroom, and engage in a kiss that would make all of you envious.  He has freshened his breath...he expected this kiss.  No, he wanted it.  I don't feel him up, just keep it above the neck.  Finally, we start taking off clothes, and he has way too many on, so I find something to do while he gets undressed.

As I ease on top of him on the bed, I think about this situation.  Scotty tells me he has never been with another guy and, maybe I'm just a gullible sap, but I believe him.  He is so hungry for my touch, my kiss, my caress, it is intoxicating.  Yet, I am always in control.  Move here, lay down here, turn over.  After some great necking and feeling him up, I remember how much he loves to be fed a thick cock, so I lay him on his back with his head hanging off the bed, and feed him my dick.  He laps at it hungrily.  Here, this epitome of a fine upstanding citizen, happily sucking a cock with his cock as hard and throbbing as it can get.

I know he loves to be sucked, so while still feeding him my cock, I bend over him and take him in my mouth in a 69.  His legs start moving like a frog swimming in water, and he starts moaning in that glorious way that lets anyone know he really likes this.  The devious guy that I am has another mission, though...prepare him to be a bottom. 

It's really not that I have to fuck every guy I ever see.  With Scotty, it's because I am sure he will love it.  And to prove my theory, I just touch his hole with my finger, and he as I was sure would happen,  his volume level rises dramatically, his thrashing increases three-fold.  A little lube, a little more rubbing, and I think, at this moment, if his mother walked into the room, he wouldn't even notice.  He is on a completely different level right now, in a heightened state of arousal, of feeling, thoroughly enjoying the sensations he is experiencing.

"Fuck me!", he says.
"Put it in me, I want it!"
"Do you want to fuck me?"

I look at this totally turned on man, virgin ass, begging me to fuck him.

I want it in him.  I want him to be totally turned on by it, and he will be.  But there are issues...
- he has to leave in 10 minutes.
- he has never had anything bigger than a thumb up his ass.
- during our previous two play sessions, the ass play we did bothered him [caused major discomfort later].
- I want to make sure he loves it because I want him to come back for more.

Let's hope there is a Part 5.


  1. I know how Scott feels. I remember wanting to be fucked and it not happening. I also have a couple of friends that make me hard just by getting a text from them.
    There will be a part 5. No doubt in my mind. Be gentle with him. It sounds like he's falling for you. And yes I'm sure you ARE the only man he's been with.

  2. You're one of those guys into edging. Aren't you?

    I hope he tell's you he has more time cause he needs more than 10 mins to really enjoy it and then catch his breath while laying in your arms and smiling.

    1. Into edging? Well, yeah. I guess. Also into cumming, kissing, teasing, caressing, touching, loving, rimming, licking, and anything else you can think of that two guys can do together.

      I totally agree with your last comment. In fact, I am sure I could have stuck my dick in him, but it would not have been as 'glowing' as it should be. That 'after glow' is as important as the deed itself.

    2. But then, that's just me, and my opinion.

    3. Spoiler! I read the post as we'd know if you did or didn't in part 5. So you didn't. Good. It should be savored and enjoyed.

      Edging is really more of an bdsm activity then in the typical/vanilla acts of kissing et al.

      I was sorta making a joke about you really stretching out this experience. At first I thought it was a retelling but now I think it's more of a work in progress.

      Edging is torture!

  3. Gotta agree with Nate on this one!

  4. I'd like to re-enact that top pic. Are you free tonight?