Sunday, November 18, 2012

An update

It's been a while since I added anything of any consequence to the blog...except, of course, for Sean's TMI Thursday responses.  I have been trying to understand myself better, to figure out what I really want.  I suppose, at my age, it's about time. 

After several months of just hooking up with whoever was around (to a degree...although I did use some discretion), I have realized that those hookups are really not very satisfying.  Yeah, it's fun to get off, but certainly nothing to be proud of. 

Plus, I found someone I really like.  It may or may not work out with him, but, regardless, I already like myself better and feel less like a slut.  I have always been one to commit to something, whether that is an idea, a candidate, a gal, and why should a guy be any different.  If this works out, I will be out of the market.  I really want that....want someone I trust who trusts me.  I hope to always want to look, but I won't be touching if we agree on that. 

Wish me luck.

My other issue is what to do about my family and friends.  I'm not out to any of them.  I don't want to live like that any more, but, frankly, I'm concerned about the reaction.  Truthfully, I have a number of other personal issues in my family that also affect what happens, but it would not be fair to my family members to discuss those here. 

As of now, my new BF and I have had a few dates, and spent a lot of time on IM and the phone.  I won't be talking about our sexcapades on here or anywhere because I am too traditional for that.  We have a date on Friday in DC...he is visiting friends there, and invited me to join him.  I really want to do that.  It will be fun. 


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