Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Please call or e-mail


You can also send a personal email to the Boy Scouts: Sample message (keep it short): 
"Dear Boy Scouts of America, I think everyone should have the chance to take part in Scouting. I support an end to the ban on gay scouts and scout leaders. Sincerely..."
THAT'S 1-972-580-2330

Let's Get Serious

It's been a rough few days.  Oh,'s been a rough few years.  Sometimes I just want to get off the roller coaster we call life, but then I experience a euphoric event and realize that this is what it's all about, and I don't want to leave.  Sometimes it's not euphoria, but a different kind of awakening. 

A high school classmate died yesterday.  He had been ill, but seemed to be finally recovering, getting better...when it all went down.  We weren't best friends or anything, but we had that bond that you get when you grow up with someone, experience life from a similar perspective.  Thank you, FACEBOOK, for making it possible for me to know these things.  Curse you FACEBOOK, for making me face life...sometimes too quickly, in too much detail, and when I am not ready to do it. 

Yet, an event like this almost seems healthy as it helps to readjust the view, put things in a different perspective, possibly make us better understand what is really important and what is not. 

I'm looking forward to my next euphoric event.  I think.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

TMI Thursday

1. What puts you in a silly mood?
2. What puts you in a creative mood?
3. What puts you in a competitive mood?
4. What puts you in a contemplative mood?
5. If you tend to be a quiet person what puts you in a talkative mood? If you tend to be a talkative person, what puts you in a quiet mood?

What puts you in 'the' mood?

Thursday, January 24, 2013

TMI Thursday

Sean from Just a Jeep Guy and his TMI answers!
1. If you could be a Super Hero or Super Villain, which would you be and why?
Super Hero....I don't have the mindset to be a Super Villain.
2. What's your secret identity?
Publishing executive...lots of travel, opportunity to 'disappear' when the need arises.
3. Which person in your life would be your trusted sidekick?
My son.
4. What is your kryptonite (weakness)?
Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream.
5. What are your power(s)?
Able to emit pheromones, at will, to make the most viscous villain meltdown with such lust that I overpower him/her with my will.  Healthily strong with great abs, pecs, arms and back.
6. Describe your costume.
It's a dark blue number...Skin tight (that's a requirement, isn't it?) that shows off my superb physique [this is fantasy after all], with a cutout front to show the skin on a sexy treasure trail and a moderately hairy chest.  Skin tight around a bubble butt and down long legs.    BONUS
Which Super Hero or Super Villain would you most like to have sex? Be specific i.e.: Christopher Revee Superman, Hal Jordan Green Lantern, Super Friends Wonder Woman. Describe the sex.
Brandon Routh.

A little known weakness of 'Superman' is his love of 'man on man' kissing.  After a brief scent of my sex pheromone, he is moved to hug, then go for a kiss, then a tongue fight which he loses but it makes us both win. 
Deep kissing only leads to more trouble:  I have one hand behind his head, and the other on his firm ass, softly caressing first one cheek, then the other until I have worked him into a frenzy.  His bulge is no longer soft and round, but has become a long, thick bulge as his ample cock thickens and straightens its full length.  He thrashes about, humping to move around to relieve the pressure his cock is causing to his skin tight pants...not to worry, I will shortly remove those pants for him as I throw him on the bed and get ready to dive into that sweet ass.
I spread those firm cheeks just enough to get my nose in between them to nuzzle his rosebud.  His reaction is predictably loud and raucous as he moans at the sensation.  I continue to attack his ass until he begs for more ....

Whew...that's enough for now.

Monday, January 21, 2013


While surfing the other day, I ended up on this YouTube video of Joan Baez's "Diamonds and Rust".  I had to listen for old times sake, and I was impressed even more this time than when I first heard it.  She is such a vibrant singer, and has been for most of her 73 years.  Even at that age, she was on tour in 2012 with nearly 50 performances. 

For a biography of Joan, CLICK HERE.
And to listen to that fantastic performance of Diamonds and Rust, Click HERE.

I hope you enjoy.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Remember? Northern Exposure

Do you remember Northern Exposure?  The tv show in the was actually on the air from 1990 to 1995....starred a couple of guys worth mentioning.

Rob Morrow
Joel Fleischman played by Rob Morrow was the Jewish Doctor who agreed to take the job as a doctor in the lonely town of Cicely, Alaska, I think in exchange for his tuition in medical school.  I always thought Rob was related to Vic Morrow of COMBAT! fame, but alas, he was not.  Yeah, Rob is a pretty hot guy, although as straight as anyone.

John Corbett played Chris Stephens, the local Cicely radio announcer with that fantastic, telltale voice [later the announcer on several commercials including Applebees and Ford].  I love his voice.    I think he is probably straight too, but he's still a hot guy in my book.  From Wheeling, WV, a nice little town squeezed between Ohio and Pennsylvania, an hour or so from Pittsburgh, John has been a favorite of mine since I first saw him on NE.

Anthony Edwards
One other guy of note was Anthony Edwards.  He was only on the show for about 6 episodes, but he made a major impression on me playing the 'bubble boy'...a guy with no immune system who lived in a bubble.  I think he was also killed off by a meteorite.  Imagine that!!!   The writers on that show must have had a blast.  ...and I loved it all.  An escape from reality.  Of course, he went on to star in, and finally die in ER, the tv show.  I vividly remember the show when he went to Hawaii to die, and the song that was played/sung when he was at the beach.  I love that song..."Somewhere Over the Rainbow" by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole.  If you haven't heard it, you owe it to yourself.  click this >> Israel none of these guys are gay, and I don't have any great nude pics of them, just a walk down memory lane for me.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Good Morning RVA

A glorious morning in RVA.  It snowed a dab and the whole place shut down.  Not even sure you can get a good cup of coffee out in the world this morning.  Temperature is sitting right at freezing at 7AM and predicted to rise as the sun comes up.  The it still there?  Haven't seen it around here for a while.  Not to one is moving around here anyway.

So far, I've spent the morning surfing a bit, and blogging some, answering e-mails as well.  A friend from high school sent me a note this morning that reminded me of those high school days.  Not sure about you all, but for me, it was a time of doubt.  Not sure what I was, what I wanted to be or what I should be.  That was an innocent time...when I actually believed that there was an order to things, and it was important.
Is that the SUN?

It IS a beautiful world, and a sad, harsh one too at times.  To have been raised during the 'Father Knows Best' era seemed nice at the time, but in retrospect, it was also very damaging.  Most of us actually believed in that 'happily ever after' that never materialized.  Somewhere between puberty and today, I realized that it truly is what you make it.  But, not in a material way.  If you believe things are bad, they will appear that way.  If you believe they are better/nicer/good, they will appear that way.  It's time to pick up my 'glass half full' mentality and spread good cheer to the rest of the world.  No one really likes a scrooge anyway.

More and more, I question what this blog is about.  What does it all mean?  Other bloggers that are listed on the right panel have very different objectives than I.  Don't ever vote for my blog for anything.  ...not my goal.  ...not even my desire.  Anonymity is important to me.

I could repost those fantastic pics from other bloggers, but Sean, Loki, and other unnamed bloggers do that so well, I don't feel the need.  (I love your men, Sean.  You get my vote any day.)

I could turn it into a political forum.  :-(  Too many of them already.  And, besides, you would not agree with my views, and I just don't want to argue about it.  (I am mostly a 'leave the fuck alone' kind of guy...less is better when it comes to government.)

It has become a diary for me.  It is a way to share my thoughts and fears that I would never share.  Those of you who do read this know more about me than anyone, ever.  To a large degree, it is simply rambling, but it is rambling about things that I dare not share with my family or friends.  I have let you behind that famous 'green curtain' from the land of Oz, shared my most private secrets with you. I thank you for reading.

Please have a great day...

Thursday, January 17, 2013

TMI Thursdays

1. you are sick with the flu?

- not much...but I want a snuggly blanket, fresh drinks, exclusive control of the remote, and to mostly be left alone, but I need someone to remind me to eat occasionally.
2. you are in a bad mood?
-  I have to just chill.  It's best to get out of my way.  I tend to be way too controlling at times, and when I am in a bad mood, then it just gets worse.  If you stick around, don't act stupid because I'm not very forgiving and I will end up saying things that I will regret later.
3. you are alone?
- Not much...I usually hate being alone; but, if there are no alternatives, I usually surf.  If it's going to be a while (like a planned alone time), I use the time to start and or finish a major project.
4. you are sad?
-  Nothing.  I end up with a 'self pity party'.  I cry way too much sometimes.
5. you are mad?
-  I hate to admit it, but I'm a 'get even' kind of guy.  Then, I think about it, and regret whatever I did to get even.  I hate being mad and spend a lot of time trying to figure out what happened to get into it.
6. you are frustrated?
-  It depends on what caused the frustration...sometimes I just run away from it.  I know that's not the best thing to do, but ...
7. you are angry?
-  Didn't we cover this?  BONUS
you are horny?
-  I'm right handed, Sean.  It would have been entertaining to watch me when I had a broken right arm.  LOL. Refer to number  6.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Scott2...round 2

Scott was more confident this time.  He had a little more time at this visit, and he knew a little better about what he wanted.  He also showed up a lot less nervous than last time, but just as eager.  We got undressed quickly, no need to explore it a bit at a time when we both knew what we would find.  That left plenty of time for kissing, and a lot of fondling.
"I was really sore last time.", he said.
"I told you that you would be.  But I didn't realize until after it was all over.  Sorry if I got carried away.  You are such a sensuous guy that I couldn't stop myself.  I promise to be a lot more careful today."
"It was still a lot of fun.", he said.
We were a tangle of naked arms and legs and dicks and asses.  It was so much fun, but then it always is when two passionate guys get together.  He is a great learner...can suck a dick like an expert now.  And he loves doing it, which is part of the formula.  A guy always does something he likes better than something he doesn't.  He got a lot of precum, and had me so close to cumming that I needed to slow him down a bit, and work on him.

I got a dab of lube and started playing with his hole again.  Same reaction as before...a lot of moaning, and thrashing.  I am still convinced he is a bottom who is waiting to be discovered.  Then, I took him in my mouth, and started licking his dick like a lollipop.  I'm not a deep throat guy, but I have a great tongue, and that fit perfectly with him.  I eased up on his hole a bit, and took him in my mouth...just below the head, and started attacking his head with my tongue.  It wasn't long and he started yelling, "I'm gonna cum if you don't stop that" which made me more determined to keep going.  Along with engulfing his dick and licking his dickhead, I gently started rubbing his hole at the same time.  Soon, very soon, he erupted like a geyser...a big cummer.  He was totally spent.

I finished up myself on his belly too, making it a perfect ending to a beautiful nooner.

Damn, I hope he doesn't wait this long til next time.  I really want to fuck him, but I want him to want it more than me.  I think he is almost there.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Scott2....Is that you?

"CURIOUS" is all it know the blank GRINDR screen with no pic.  Inside... white, 41, 6-0, 185. 
"What are you curious about?"
Finally a reply, "About blowjobs"
"Getting one or giving one?"
"Or both?"
Predictable, I hoped.  "Both".
The usual banter ensued....married, yes...discreet, yes...ddf, yes...then it departed from the predictable a bit.
Scott:  "I have never sucked a dick, but really want to.
You will have to help me, tell me what to do."
Me: "Not a problem.  When can you meet?" 

I was elated.  This guy had potential, and I really wanted to explore it.  But, I am too discreet to just give out my address to anyone, so I insisted on meeting somewhere else, to give him a chance to see me and me see him before committing to a hook up.

The meeting was great.  He was certainly great material, and we were off to the house.

It was fun...he liked to kiss, and we did that a lot.  He was nervous but let me undress him, then me.  He is not a muscle man, but has a nice dick, nice ass, hwp-as they say, and certainly worth looking at. As he wanted, I took control of the situation and we spent a lot of time licking, sucking, and touching...all over. 

I realized I have this novice in my bed, naked, and really hungry for a man.  I had to know his limits, but even if I asked, he couldn't tell me, because he didn't know them.  I decided to help him discover what he likes.
Kissing? yes.
Sucking? yes.
Being sucked? yes.
Ass play?  Need to find out, so I got a little lube and started rubbing his hole, reassuring him that I was not gonna fuck him, and I would stop whenever he wanted.
His reaction to my finger was immediate and undeniable.  He was writhing, moaning, and barely able to stay on the bed.  Loving to make a guy feel good, I continued with a finger, then a larger thumb.  I then combined it with some jacking...and he had so much precum, we needed no more lube.

I realized that he was probably not used to this ass play, and I should slow down although I really thought that if I had tried hard, I could have fucked him.   Still, I kept this up for a while which made me harder and even more turned on as I witnessed his reaction to my playfulness.  Finally, I knew we needed to finish it up...time was not on our side.  My goal now was to make sure he wanted to come back for more.

After we both came, I sent him to the showers.  He then left, feeling very good, I think.

A followup note to his GRINDR account:  "You are gonna be a little sore...hope you enjoyed it."
But, alas, it fell on deaf ears.  The whole incident was a few months ago, and he never responded.  I finally took him off as a favorite, and forgot about him.  [Not totally was a hot encounter.]

On Monday last week-two months after our meeting, I got a note from him..."Just wanted to say Happy New Year."

Mmmmmmmmmm.  Only one reason he would wish me Happy New Year after that long.
Me:  "Love to meet up again if you want to sometime...guaranteed discretion."
S:  "Busy today?"
Me:  "I am remember how to get here?"

It's gonna be fun.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Slave 3

Scotty was extremely concerned about STDs-to the point that I knew it would be a problem, just didn't realize how 'major' a problem.  But, I agreed to his rules, so I would live by them.  "No fucking on the first meeting, even with a condom.  No sucking on the first meeting except with a condom.  No kissing at the first meeting."  That pretty much leaves petting, jacking, and talking about it.

To make the best of it, I decided to make my inspection even more complete.  After we moved to the bedroom, I proceeded to inspect even closer...his asshole.  I donned latex gloves that I had left over from my stint in a Dr./Patient role play and proceeded to inspect.  A little lube and some gentle, nimble fingers, and I had him moaning in no time.  He was really getting into it...and I loved it. 

I wanted to fuck him so bad it was a real shame.  Instead, I made him play with my dick and balls, and jack me off.  It was feeling so good, but without the sucking, not quite good enough.

Time was up, so I ordered him into the shower and left him to get dressed.  Before leaving, we again?  Yes.  Like what we did?  Yes.  Are you sure, cause if not, I can understand?  No, I really enjoyed it and will definitely be back!!  That's why I was surprised when I got a text from him!!

Hi, thought long and hard about it and I just don't think I can go through with it.  I guess it is more of a fantasy than a reality for me.  Good luck in the future.  You are very hot.  Only thing I would change if I were you is to cut/shave your balls/cock area.
Thanks again for trying.

Oh, well.  I hope he figures out what he really wants someday.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Slave..part 2

I've been here before...where you are expecting a hookup, but he never shows up.  I used to get really disturbed by it, but finally learned that "That's just the way it is!!"  Sometimes he shows up, and sometimes he doesn't. 

I had refused to give him my address because, for some reason, I expected a problem.  No, there wasn't anything illegal about what I had done or what we had talked about doing.  He was a consenting adult as am I.  But still, I was unusually nervous. 

Probably doesn't matter anyway!  He is unlikely to show up.

"I'm almost to your there in 5 minutes.  Where do I go from there?"

I sent the directions to him, without the house address.  I don't know why, but I was still reluctant to give him my address.  Stupid, I know.  "Park behind the blue Nissan.  Come in the front door."

A pickup truck slows in front of my house and turns into the driveway.  I am truly surprised he actually showed up as I peek out the blinds to see what I can about him. 

But then, I am looking through the blind...he is in the truck, but doesn't get out.  I send him a text.  "You made it!"  Just in case he isn't sure he has the right house. 

Finally, after what seemed like 5 minutes, he gets out of the truck, and walks to the front door.  I open it just as he is about to knock. 

We had chatted about what to do after he arrives.  In fact, he suggested that he strip immediately, and I properly collar him and put the wrist and ankle restraints on.... but rather than tell him that, I insisted that I would give him instructions at that time.  I had time to think about it, and decided that we would first review the rules we had agreed on.  Then, based on some suggestions from an internet search I had done, I would take complete control, and inspect him just as any prospective owner would inspect goods prior to purchase.  I actually had a script, of sorts, that I expected to use. 

All went pretty much as I expected so far.  He was stripped of shirt, shoes and socks.  I am sure I appeared very sure of myself, inspected the goods, made appropriate comments on his body.  Next was to get him harnessed.  After removing his pants, I inspected his dick and balls.  Held them like a melon at the grocery, and made appropriate comments.  He has a really nice dick...not huge, but he was nicely hung. Then to put the harness on.  It was a rope harness that I found on the internet, with instructions on how to put it on.  I even tried it on myself before he arrived, so I would have some idea of how it worked. 

I then covered the various positions that I expected him to know...Inspect, Rest, Kneel, Head Up.  

During all of this time, he made almost no comments.  He only spoke when asked a question, never questioned anything I had him do [all were within our agreement].

Wait for part 3.  I promise to finish it tomorrow.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Slave wanted ...part 1

Scotty and I had met on Craigslist months ago.  We actually didn't meet, but did exchange a lot of emails.  He is late 30s, 6-0, 190 or so, and is a serious sub. "clean shaven, not very muscular, broad shoulders, average build, 34 waist, 6.5" cock, nice ass, long legs, very little body hair, virgin ass and mouth, shy, quiet type." In fact, he wants to be a slave [his term, not mine].  I have dabbled with BDSM from time to time, but nothing really serious.  Sure, there was the 60+ year old who wanted to be abused by numerous guys [and we did], and there was the 43 YO who 'needed' to be fucked by multiple guys in the same session [but safely].  Scotty was a little different for some reason.  Younger, more innocent maybe.  And a lot more careful.

We had exchanged emails for weeks, until finally, about a month ago, it looked like he really wanted to go through with it.  We bartered about the rules [leave at prescribed time, no pictures, no visitors unless previously announced, and at the first meeting, no penetration, no kissing, in short, nothing that could possibly be the cause of an STD].  He had obviously either done it before or thought a lot about it.   Second meeting, fucking is OK with a rubber, and sucking is good too. 

I had written him off many times, he seemed so concerned about so many things, I didn't think he would ever commit.  But a date was set.  Then he missed a deadline to get back to me, and I acted like a master should.  I was outraged.  I wrote him off. That was a month ago.

Last week, I was looking through old emails and saw our last exchange. I sent him a note:
"Hey,  how have you been?  Interested?" 
Yes, he was still interested, and yes he wanted to meet.  The date was set for Thursday.  On Tuesday, and on Wednesday, he kept emailing me...are you ok with the rules, what do you want me to wear? and on and on.  Then, on Thursday morning, he sent an email, "Can we change it to 11:30?  I have a conflict?"
Then, "Can we change it to 12:30?  Somethings come up."
Then, "1:00 would really work better, but I can be there til 3."
Then, "1:00 still works, but I can only stay til 2:00."

At that point, I was thinking, "He has no intention of making this meeting."
At 12:30, I got a text, "I'm leaving in 2 minutes.  I will be there soon."

So, what would YOU think?

Thursday, January 10, 2013

SEAN's TMI Thursday

Sean from Just A Jeep Guy and his TMI Thursday.  His questions, my answers.

1. How often do you shower or bathe?

Daily...twice or more if I'm having a LOT of fun.
2. When do you like to shower?

Mornings...or immediately after having sex during the day.
3. Describe your shower (or bath) routine.

Wet hair, shampoo.  Wash from the neck down paying special attention to the privates...front and back.  Then the face and ears.
4. Do you like to shower or bathe with you S.O.?

Don't have one, but when I can shower with a guest, I do.  But for fun, and all the 'normal' activities are changed.
5. Shaving: what, where and how often?

Face, every other day or so.  Ears, nose, weekly.  And other places only if I have a date or hookup with a guy I REALLY like and he prefers that I trim. 
6. Do you shower at the gym or wait until you get home?

Wait...if it's close and it usually is.
7. Before having sex do you like to be freshly showered? Ripe? Perfumed? How do you like your partner?

Showered, no perfume at all.  And I generally like my partner to be the same...but if it is a middle of the night thing [and I love 'wake up' sex] then we just DO IT.

Sex in the bathroom: Shower, Bath, Hot tub, Public?

Yes, yes, yes, but no. 

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Just Friends? At least that!

GROWLR is not the best place to meet a guy, but for an old guy like me who is not really out to the world, it's an option.  He looked pretty nice from his pic.  As most do, his profile said he was looking for friends, but I have learned not to believe everything you read on the internet.  At 5-11 and 205, he was not exactly a svelte twink, but his profile said he was into fitness so maybe most of that 205 was muscle.

A brief message led to more messages, and a pic exchange as I explained my situation, and learned his.  He is OUT,
50ish, and looking for friends. 
"I'm up for meeting for a coffee or a drink if you are interested."
He replied, "It will have to be a coffee, but I am good for it if you want to."

As we approached the meeting day/time, I reviewed his profile to make sure I knew what he said in it, and what we had discussed.  It was a chillier than usual winter day in Richmond, so my hope for a chance to sit outside somewhere over a latte' and talk privately was shot.  I am probably more cautious than most when it comes to my privacy, but not being out, I always worry about appearances, and things were not working out well for me.  I hoped for a somewhat crowded meeting place so we could get lost in the crowd, and not be exposed to the scrutiny of everyone seeing two guys obviously meeting for the first time, and drawing conclusions that I didn't want them to make.  There were two baristas working, and only one table of two customers in the whole place. 

To make matters worse, I was early and he was going to be late, so I ended up walking around the block a few times, freezing my ass off because I had not worn the right coat.  I could go on in the place, but by the time he got here, I would have finished my coffee.  Then a text from him told me he was on his way...just a few minutes away, and I decided to just wait for him outside.

He was a bit shorter than I expected.  I'm not a tall guy, but a bit over 6 feet.  He said he was 5-11 and...well...ok, maybe.  It was definitely him from the pic.  I approached him before we got in the shop, shook hands like any two business guys would do, and went on inside.  He went to the rest room and left me to order my drink which was prepared in short order...only customer with two baristas=great service.  My drink was ready and he was not yet out, so I chose a table close to the door, but away from the other table and the prep we could at least talk without fear of being easily overheard. 

After he got his drink, the conversation proceeded normally...Yes, he was really most interested in making friends first.  He started telling me his story, a riveting tale of his life, background, job, and then, he told me of his drug addiction, his legal issues, and finally, his HIV status as a result of the drug issues. 

I sometimes refer to myself as a country boy from a small town...implying that I'm just a dumb cluck sometimes learning about life the hard way.  Much of that is true, except I never really lived in the country....just a small bumfuck town.  Still, I had not actually been close to a guy who I knew was HIV+, and had a lot to think about as we finished our drinks and departed.

It really didn't take long for me to decide.  I knew that regardless of whether we ever had sex, he needed friends, and I could always do that.  Later that night, I sent a note..."Thanks for the company, if you are up for lunch, let me know."