Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sean's TMI Thursdays

1. the # of homes you have lived in the: Longest? Best? Worst?
The "family" home that I lived in took me until I was 18.  That was the longest....the family then moved, with me, about 3 miles away, but still close to everything I knew.  My brother had to change High schools, but it was  not an issue for me.  I then lived in a variety of places during college...I really don't count those.  Then it was 7 apartments in 10+ years until I bought my first home.  It was the best deal I ever made in real estate.  Bought really low and sold high.  It was 5 'family' homes in 25 years then moving for the job.  And now, a 'single' family home for me.  So, not too many, but enough.  The Best was my childhood home.  Not sure if it was the home or the childhood that I miss.  The worst was one of the many apartments.  They all seemed so alike. 

2. the # of cars you had: the best?
My first car was a 1967 Volkswagen Beetle.  It was the most fun.  The clutch cable came unhooked during my first few years, and I drove it for several months without one.  It was fun trying to explain to my dates why I had to turn the car off at red lights.  Then, after getting a real job, I had an Oldsmodile Cutlass with T-tops/moon was dark blue with white leather interior.  A real hot looking car.  Then a Pontiac Grand Prix ... the smaller body style...brown with really nice interior...loved that car...a deer was too attracted to it though.  Then, the usual mini-vans, and other crap cars for the family while I drove a crap company car.  In all, I have probably owned about 15 cars, but the best was the first...that little VW Bug.  Even though it scalded your ankles and left the rest of your body freezing in winter.  

3. the approximate # of sexual encounters you have had.
I was kind of a late bloomer too...first one was at age 18 or so...lots of kissing and fondling before then, but nothing else.  However, once I got started, I made up for lost time.  I once counted, at about age 25, and I had fucked over 40 women and a few men by then.  I'm sure I am in triple digits by now.  The last year has been another 'slut phase' as one buddy calls it.  Probably 30 or 40 either anal or oral sex.  I'm not particularly proud of that, but it is what it is.  However, during my marriage, I was monogamous.   
4. the # of siblings you have. Your #?
I am number 2 of 4...older brother, younger brother and I am truly that middle child and have all of the baggage that goes with 'middle child syndrome'. And, if you don't know what this is, read about it.
5. the # of careers you have had: Best? Worst?
I have only had one career, not counting a few jobs during college...Management.  And, even counting the jobs in college, I have only worked for 5 companies.  The names of them changed as they were bought out by others, but only really those 5 companies.  One was a small, single store company during college, the others were large national or regional companies.  I liked them all for a time, and didn't like them at some specific times.  I never had to do the McDonalds type job...the 'lowest' was a convenience store clerk, but it wasn't bad...I had great hours. 

6. the # of music albums you have. (all formats combined)
I have never been a music collector or very good at knowing all the artists.  I probably only have ever bought about 200 albums/CDs/Cassettes/iPhone.

7. the # of operations you have had.
Major auto accident caused 6 major operations over a month.  An industrial accident broke my radius and ulna [2 operations].  
the # of significant others you have been in love with.
WOW, Sean.  This is a tough one.  You described this as being questions that are difficult to answer, revealing, and embarrassing, and these are.  It is very difficult for me to answer because I am not really sure what being in love really means.  I am going with 4...and two of them hurt me very badly.  I have forgiven one, but not the other.  The other two are has no clue that I feel so close to him [I secretly think he might, but he will never go there].  The other might have worked out, but I was not ready for that in my life.  

Thursday, October 18, 2012

SEAN's TMI Thursdays

Sean from has been doing TMI Thursday where he asks questions for his readers to answer in comments, or in their own blog.  For this week....  

1. What were your favorite games as a kid?
Kick the can, ghost in the graveyard, and a lot of board games...monopoly, checkers, chinese checkers, chess, scrabble.
2. Which Monopoly piece best describes you?
The cannon...cause I can go off quickly if conditions are right.  
3. Ever play Doctor?
Oh, yes.  Just last week.  A Proctologist.
4. How are you at Strip Poker?
Terrible.  I don't wear enough pieces of clothing to have enough on to ante.  And, I just give up pretty quick and start undressing everyone.
5. Best time for solving Rubik's Cube?
Never done it.
6. Rock, Paper, Scissors? or Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock?
Rock, paper, scissors.  Can get too fancy.
7. Do you still play board games with friends? Which ones?
Not really...but we do play Words with Friends which is almost like playing scrabble.

What role-playing games do you play in the bedroom?
Only two...we play Dr. and we play Daddy/Son.  (Unless you count 'hide the weenie').

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sean's TMI Thursday

Sean from has been doing TMI Thursday where he asks questions and asks his readers to answer them in comments, or here in their blog.  For this week....  
1. Dogs are...
...great friends, unbelievably smart, a great comfort who never talks back, valuable.
2. My boyfriend is...
3. I love... cuddle, to make a guy feel good, my kids regardless of how they act, a guy who loves me for me, my fantastic friends who stand by me when I really need it, a sunny fall day, to cry sometimes.
4. I hate...
...politics, stupid people, to be alone, my ex for all good reasons, liars and those who only choose to hurt, pessimists.
5. I need...
...a true friend, to be strong at the right times, to be weak at the right times, a lover, another beer.
6. I am...
...a fucking mess.  But a lovable one.
Sex is..., but making love is where it's at.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Followup to the followup

Followup to the previous two posts:
HIM:  Daddy want his dick sucked?
HIM:  Can only come now.
ME:  Come on.
HIM:  OK be there in 10.
ME:  I'm headed to the shower, let yourself in the side door, and lock it after you get in.
Get your shirt off and get on your knees, handsome.

It's a damned nice day, isn't it.

followup to Writing In The Glow

So I have this great time that I wrote about in the previous post with the built, young buck playing his daddy.  I share my story with my neighboring gay bud who can tell that I am close to being obsessed.  OK, maybe close is not correct...maybe closer than close.  As real buds do, he brings me down to earth (although not slowly, but--he was right).  "It's a great time, but it won't last.  Don't get all excited only to be let down later." I think about it and agree with him.  Still....we had a great time...both of us.  The ensuing conversation [texting] went like this:
ME:  I had a really great time yesterday, thanks.
HIM:  I did too.  Did you see how hard I was?
ME:  What turned you on the most?
HIM:  Everything.  I loved what you did to me.
ME:  What could have been better?
At this point, there was no response for a long time...10 minutes or more.
ME:  Seriously, I want to know.  I can take it.
HIM:  I really really get turned on by muscle daddies.
Well, I am not a muscle daddy...on the fat side of that, def.  So, I am deflated, but it really was not unexpected.  So, I am OK with it.  I just keep remembering what my bud said--it was a great time...enjoy it.

I still think about him over the weekend, but with things in a better perspective.  But, he is so fucking hot.  Phew!!!

On Monday, I just have to communicate with him, say hello, etc.
ME:  Hi.  I just wanted to thank you again for last week.  I know I'm not the muscle daddy you really want, but you have to know that you made an old guy very happy.  Thanks again.  And if you ever want to do that again, you know you just have to ask.  Have a great week.
It wasn't a minute before I get this response:
HIM:  We'll def play again.

:-)  Damn, that makes a guy feel good.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Writing While Still In The GLOW...

I have really been in the dumps lately.  Maybe it's the change of seasons, the full moon we just had, or something else.  I really have no explanation.  But I know what the cure is...
He is about 5-11, 165 lbs, and handsome as any movie star.  His name is B....  He started out the text with a question.  "Are you really from Ohio?"  But when I heard, "Love the whole daddy boy thing,"  I suddenly became much more interested.  He told me he is married, but needs a little extra sometimes.
A few missed connections due to circumstances out of our control got things delayed, but this morning, about 8:00, when I was horny as hell, and said I really wished he had time for lunch today, he said he had a lunch meeting but could work in something at 11.  I almost passed on it, but his pics were nice looking and I just couldn't pass.
So I showered, and, at his request, found a shirt and tie to wear to 'look more like dad', I guess.
Then, he got lost on his way here.  Who doesn't have a GPS?  I found him at the local CVS and had him follow me home.  I was starting to get pissed at all of the screwups, but ... When he stepped out of the car, I was so impressed, I forgot about any problems at all.  I even had trouble getting the key in the door lock to open it.  I was actually shaking.  I haven't been that way in decades.  He is beautiful. Was I dreaming?

Getting in the scene, after we went inside, I kissed him, and got to see how beautiful he really is.  I then told him to remove his shirt so DAD could see how he had developed.  He stripped his shirt off showing me a mostly smooth body with a great chest and abs. "Do you want to see Daddy's cock?," I asked. He looked at me with the most beautiful blue eyes, looked into my soul, and nodded.  I had him unzip my dress pants, and pull my cock out through the zipper.  He was so very careful not to catch my skin on the zipper, it was beautiful.

He got on his knees as I told him to "Lick it!"

He looked up at me, and looked at my cock admiringly before nearly swallowed the expanding organ...filling his mouth.

After a minute, I told him to grab his clothes and follow me to the bedroom.

The next 30 minutes are a bit of a blur for me.  I had 'son' laying on his back on the bed with his head hanging off the edge while I fed was great for me and he later told me he loved it too.  I loved looking at his chest, his abs, his cock, his legs, and his feet while I was skull fucking him.  At one point, I was rubbing my dick up and down his ass crack, making it very difficult not to just plunge it inside him.  He has such a beautiful, small, tight, firm ass.  He said he couldn't bottom today.  I finally just couldn't resist, and while we were 69ing with me on the bottom, I started rubbing my goatee on his ass crack.  It drove him nuts.  We both came all over me then.

Many guys, especially married ones, start pulling back at that point, feeling guilty, I think, not really wanting to touch or kiss or even acknowledge your existence.  Just get dressed and get the fuck out of there.  But he didn't.  We talked, we showered, and talked some more.
This is not him, but imagine the most
beautiful face on this body. 

Then, he dropped a bomb shell.  I didn't see it coming at all.  He is gay, not married, but in a relationship with a partner.  It blew me away.  I guess it really doesn't change much...I always knew he had a commitment to someone, but for some reason, it seemed a lot different.

We may not repeat the performance.  In fact, if we ever see each other out [which is quite possible in a small city like Richmond], we will not even acknowledge that we know each other...but for was enough to clear up the blues.

Sean's TMI Thursdays

Sean from has been doing TMI Thursday where he asks questions and asks his readers to answer them in comments, or here in their blog.  For this week....  
1. What kind of smart phone do you have?
2. Necessity, accessory or my right arm?
Right arm.
3. Top three favorite apps?
Many apps....tough to choose.  eMail for sure, GRINDR or GROWLR, others are pretty much tied...banking app, weather, Amazon, Starbucks.  I use it for just about everything but GPS.
4. How much do you use your smart phone for calling, texting and data (email, games, movies)?
Constantly...all day, every day.
5. Phone sex? Sextxting? Hookup apps?
No phone sex really, some sexting, and hookup apps.
6. Has your smart phone replaced your camera?
Yes.  Never was much of a photographer, and the iPhone made it easier.

It's 3 am. Who do you call?
That's a tough one...I guess it depends on the circumstances.  Maybe one of my kids, maybe an old friend from college, but I want it to be that guy who I am about to meet to take me away from all of this, and give me a reason to delete those hookup apps on my phone.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A DC Visit

I had the opportunity to spend an afternoon in DC this past Sunday....and it was a very interesting day.  As it worked out, a friend of mine [we will call Sam] was available on short notice to meet for lunch.  I have been to DC a number of times, although not a regular visitor.  But Sam is a veteran of the area having worked
there for several years.

While waiting for him to finish up a few things and meet me, I parked near DuPont Circle, sat in my car, and started cruising GRINDR and GROWLR.  I had no plans to actually hook up, but was intrigued with the number of guys on both sites, and the variety of each.  Had some interesting conversations, and if I actually lived there, it would have been a great way to get introduced to some local guys.

I finally shut down the iPhone and headed out to walk was a beautiful Sunday in DC, sunny but not hot or humid...a rare treat for the swamp where we built our National Capitol.  It was so much fun to walk around where no one prejudges anyone due to their sexuality.  I soon realized that no one really needs GRINDR or similar hook up apps here.  Just be yourself, be friendly, nice and most everyone else will be too.  It is not uncommon to sight guys holding hands, and just acting normal.

I finally met up with Sam, stopped for a marginal lunch burger at a local restaurant, and then spent an hour or so just walking around the place.  I will be back.  So much fun just being where everyone is a lot more understanding and supportive.  Next time, a local hotel and hit up some nightlife.