Sunday, December 30, 2012

There is no theme to this post, just some unrelated thoughts. 
It is almost 2013.  In all my thoughts and recollections of growing up, I never ever thought that I would be saying that.  Even 2001 was far too far away to even consider as a possibility, and here we are a good decade past that one.  It's time for introspection.

I am nothing close to an expert on many things at fact, the 'jack of all trades, master of none' describes me all too well.  Still, as I listen to the Sunday morning news shows, I realize that my personal beliefs do not coincide with either of the popular political parties.  Right or wrong, my personal beliefs are what they are, and they are clearly not aligned with our current president, our former president, nor most, if not all, of the Congress. 

I say this as I am listening to our 'leader' avoid any real issues, take any real positions, and predictably do the politically correct thing.  He consisting refuses to lead, instead taking the popular position.  One of the most significant rules of logic (or illogic) is that the majority opinion is not necessarily a correct illogical argument.  Our elected officials (I refuse to call them leaders) apparently never had a course in Logic.  

I have rarely had the opportunity or the need for public assistance.  Because of this fact, I typically declined to take a firm stance on the need for those programs.  However, I am there now.  And without a congressional deal to avoid the 'fiscal cliff', I will lose some 'entitlements' [I hate that fucking implies something that is owed].  I can now say, "Keep your fucking entitlements, stop the social programs, just leave private industry alone to create jobs so I can get back to work." 

We all have a tendency to seek, and support a single, simple solution to any problems.  Whether it is human rights, fiscal policy, public violence [aka, the sad events in CT], or a myriad of other problems, everyone is seeking that golden solution.  Get real, people.  There is no golden egg, no magic elixir, no easy solution.  It takes work, hard work, and dedication to being a real human...a caring individual who gets together with other caring individuals to become caring groups to make things happen.  I don't understand why we need assault weapons, but, alas, it is true that anyone who really wants to kill a bunch of people will find a way to do it.  Still, we have to treat the causes, not the symptoms. 


On the fun front, it has been a dry few weeks, but one that was needed to put my life in perspective.  As I look back on the last year [or so], I have to thank a lot of guys who have become great friends.   Some I have met personally, and some I haven't.  But each of them has had an impact on my thoughts, my actions and my life.  A couple of them do read this blog, but most don't, or don't realize that I am talking about them.  I have kept this blog from my personal friends because there are things here that I cannot tell even them.  In fact, many of them have been discussed here.  Beyond all else, I am still a very private person with this blog serving to be a way to lay out my thoughts.  A special thanks to Sean from Just a Jeep Guy for his thoughts as well. 

I know now that I am looking for real friends first, despite what everyone says, there are good guys on the social's just really hard to find out which ones they are. 

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