Thursday, December 6, 2012

Sean's TMI Thursdays

Sean from suggests TMI Thursdays with questions for various readers to answer and post.  This week ....
Social Media is everywhere and linked to everything - blogs, FaceBook, Twitter, iTunes, Apps for: hooking up, shopping, banking, photo albums, music, and so much more. How plugged are you and how do you feel about it???

1. Mac or PC?
PC, but only because of cost.
2. How plugged in are you and why?
Gay blogs and apps for obvious reasons.  Facebook big time, LinkedIn for the job market, some twitter, but not much.
3. What would do if you were completely unplugged for a month?
I would probably go nuts unless I could find a way to get plugged in physically.
4. Low Self esteem issues aside, if a pic of you turned up on a site like TapThatGuy, Hot or Not or People of Walmart, how would you react?
If it showed up on TapThatGuy, I would be proud and let everyone know about it.  If it was a 'people of Wal*Mart, then I know it would be a fake cause I never go in those cesspools.
5. FaceBook is....
-nice to keep in touch
-something that I enjoy seeing but if I miss a few days or a week-I am fine with that
-taken way too seriously by a few
-a good way to find old friends
-a good way to find hot guys sometimes...all g-rated [mostly g-rated]
6. List at least 5 of the social Apps you are on:


What question did you think of that could have been asked?
Is there a social app that should be developed, but isn't yet?

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