Wednesday, March 13, 2013

AN INSPIRATION to Aspiring Musicians

If you haven't heard of Michael Pollack yet, you will.
If you are a music fan, you must listen to this.
Michael is a Vanderbilt University student who went to see Billy Joel.  During a Q&A, Michael asked Billy Joel if he could accompany him on the piano, and Billy Joel said OK.
It's worth the time to see this.  And you must watch the last few minutes as well.

Michael appeared on the TODAY show this morning as well.
More info HERE.


  1. Wow, thats pretty awesome. I love when celebrities/musicians do shit like this.

  2. Good grief! Is that for real? Some kid raises his hand in a large audience and six minutes later he's world famous?! Only in America :-)

    1. In all fairness, it took a couple of days.
      Plus, 15 years of countless hours on the piano.

  3. That was wonderful! Saw Joel years ago.