Tuesday, March 5, 2013

If only ...

The night engulfs us.  My bedroom is cool, the sheets feel so good, soft, and the comforter is nice and warm...light...filled with down, but warm and soothing.  I snuggle in, pull the comforter over my shoulder to warm myself, I sense you next to me.  I turn my back to you, and know that you will touch my hairy back, and gently rub to make me feel so good.  You will snuggle in to me, spooning, until I feel your hard prick touching my soft ass cheeks.  Your hand goes over me to caress my chest, and I feel the breath from you on my neck.  Your legs touch mine, as you rub your foot up and down my calf...slowly...tenderly.

We get very calm, almost serene, as we both drift in and out of a misty sleep, with an occasional movement to adjust to each other's bodies.  Then a calm relaxing sleep overtakes us both and we are two separate bodies, becoming one. 

I love you.


  1. and in the morning, when I rise,
    I place my tongue between your thighs,
    and you tell me you're gonna cum again like last night.

    - kenny rogers

    then in the shower I shave your back
    - Sean