Tuesday, September 11, 2012

It's Fall

Love this cooler weather.  There is something very comforting in snuggling between nice soft sheets with a down comforter on top, keeping me warm.  I would much rather have a warm man with me, but I'll take the down comforter until I find the guy [which, BTW, I expect to find this weekend...I GOTTA DATE!!!].

Oh, and about that date.  It's the guy I wrote about a few weeks back.  The 43 YO with whom I had a really pretty great time.  He called me Friday, and wanted to plan something for this weekend, so we did.  I think I will splurge a bit, and hope that it turns out well.  I am very confident.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch!!  I haven't been active lately at all.  Just not quite feeling like I want to go out and explore much.  Although I did find a guy Saturday night who was a lot of fun.  It was one of those meet-ups that was disappointing at first.  You know, the kind where the expectations far outweigh the actual live body when you first see him?  But, instead of writing it off, I decided to chat with him a bit, and have a drink before bailing.

As it turned out, we had a pretty nice time.  He isn't my first pick, but he is a real person, and has real needs, and is very earnest about it.  Plus, I must admit that anytime a guy truly admires my dick, I let him.  Just makes me feel good.

It saddens me that a few of my blogger buddies have had some rough times recently.  Loki from http://lokis-log.blogspot.com/ for one.  And some really good news from Sean at http://justajeepguydc.blogspot.com/ although it seemed like a rough year to get to this point.  Read about it on their blogs.

This guy could make my day anytime.
Happy Autumn to all.

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