Thursday, September 13, 2012

Who is your favorite? Or Friend List?

Picking up an idea from another blogger, I want to tell you who is on my 'Star' list.  You know, the way you 'Star' someone on GRINDR to make them a favorite.  Or in Adam4Adam, you make them a friend so you can easily see if he is online or not.
Because GRINDR lists them closest to furthest, I will do that too.  But, they change least weekly, sometimes daily...depending on what's happening.
1.  Me...on GRINDR, you always appear first because, you are closest to yourself, right?
2.  My friend, B.  A platonic relationship, he is out, partnered, a bit quirky, and I really enjoy chatting with him and running around with him.
3.  Another friend, 18 YO, college student, starting hitting me up a few months back, 'just looking for someone to chat with'.  OK, so we chat, share pics and some stories, but he is too young for a sexual relationship.
4.  Unnamed.  My age, and wants to meet up.  We just haven't found a mutual time to make it work.
5.  Unnamed also.  A bit younger, but a willing bottom.  We were supposed to meet today for the first time, but I have been a bit under the weather so delayed until next week.
6.  Flip...written about him before. A standard, good for a fuck whenever we are both around.  He lives a bit far away, but works close.
7. date for this weekend.  Great guy, lives near DC and is coming in tomorrow for the weekend.  Can't wait to see him again.
8.  J.  Chatted quite a bit with him for several months.  A 'swimmers build' kind of guy, married, handsome, mid-40s, living in WV.  Haven't met up with him, but hope to on one of my trips that way.
9.  D.

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