Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A DC Visit

I had the opportunity to spend an afternoon in DC this past Sunday....and it was a very interesting day.  As it worked out, a friend of mine [we will call Sam] was available on short notice to meet for lunch.  I have been to DC a number of times, although not a regular visitor.  But Sam is a veteran of the area having worked
there for several years.

While waiting for him to finish up a few things and meet me, I parked near DuPont Circle, sat in my car, and started cruising GRINDR and GROWLR.  I had no plans to actually hook up, but was intrigued with the number of guys on both sites, and the variety of each.  Had some interesting conversations, and if I actually lived there, it would have been a great way to get introduced to some local guys.

I finally shut down the iPhone and headed out to walk was a beautiful Sunday in DC, sunny but not hot or humid...a rare treat for the swamp where we built our National Capitol.  It was so much fun to walk around where no one prejudges anyone due to their sexuality.  I soon realized that no one really needs GRINDR or similar hook up apps here.  Just be yourself, be friendly, nice and most everyone else will be too.  It is not uncommon to sight guys holding hands, and just acting normal.

I finally met up with Sam, stopped for a marginal lunch burger at a local restaurant, and then spent an hour or so just walking around the place.  I will be back.  So much fun just being where everyone is a lot more understanding and supportive.  Next time, a local hotel and hit up some nightlife.

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