Thursday, October 4, 2012

Sean's TMI Thursdays

Sean from has been doing TMI Thursday where he asks questions and asks his readers to answer them in comments, or here in their blog.  For this week....  
1. What kind of smart phone do you have?
2. Necessity, accessory or my right arm?
Right arm.
3. Top three favorite apps?
Many apps....tough to choose.  eMail for sure, GRINDR or GROWLR, others are pretty much tied...banking app, weather, Amazon, Starbucks.  I use it for just about everything but GPS.
4. How much do you use your smart phone for calling, texting and data (email, games, movies)?
Constantly...all day, every day.
5. Phone sex? Sextxting? Hookup apps?
No phone sex really, some sexting, and hookup apps.
6. Has your smart phone replaced your camera?
Yes.  Never was much of a photographer, and the iPhone made it easier.

It's 3 am. Who do you call?
That's a tough one...I guess it depends on the circumstances.  Maybe one of my kids, maybe an old friend from college, but I want it to be that guy who I am about to meet to take me away from all of this, and give me a reason to delete those hookup apps on my phone.

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  1. I'll have to check Growlr out, never heard of it before.