Thursday, October 4, 2012

Writing While Still In The GLOW...

I have really been in the dumps lately.  Maybe it's the change of seasons, the full moon we just had, or something else.  I really have no explanation.  But I know what the cure is...
He is about 5-11, 165 lbs, and handsome as any movie star.  His name is B....  He started out the text with a question.  "Are you really from Ohio?"  But when I heard, "Love the whole daddy boy thing,"  I suddenly became much more interested.  He told me he is married, but needs a little extra sometimes.
A few missed connections due to circumstances out of our control got things delayed, but this morning, about 8:00, when I was horny as hell, and said I really wished he had time for lunch today, he said he had a lunch meeting but could work in something at 11.  I almost passed on it, but his pics were nice looking and I just couldn't pass.
So I showered, and, at his request, found a shirt and tie to wear to 'look more like dad', I guess.
Then, he got lost on his way here.  Who doesn't have a GPS?  I found him at the local CVS and had him follow me home.  I was starting to get pissed at all of the screwups, but ... When he stepped out of the car, I was so impressed, I forgot about any problems at all.  I even had trouble getting the key in the door lock to open it.  I was actually shaking.  I haven't been that way in decades.  He is beautiful. Was I dreaming?

Getting in the scene, after we went inside, I kissed him, and got to see how beautiful he really is.  I then told him to remove his shirt so DAD could see how he had developed.  He stripped his shirt off showing me a mostly smooth body with a great chest and abs. "Do you want to see Daddy's cock?," I asked. He looked at me with the most beautiful blue eyes, looked into my soul, and nodded.  I had him unzip my dress pants, and pull my cock out through the zipper.  He was so very careful not to catch my skin on the zipper, it was beautiful.

He got on his knees as I told him to "Lick it!"

He looked up at me, and looked at my cock admiringly before nearly swallowed the expanding organ...filling his mouth.

After a minute, I told him to grab his clothes and follow me to the bedroom.

The next 30 minutes are a bit of a blur for me.  I had 'son' laying on his back on the bed with his head hanging off the edge while I fed was great for me and he later told me he loved it too.  I loved looking at his chest, his abs, his cock, his legs, and his feet while I was skull fucking him.  At one point, I was rubbing my dick up and down his ass crack, making it very difficult not to just plunge it inside him.  He has such a beautiful, small, tight, firm ass.  He said he couldn't bottom today.  I finally just couldn't resist, and while we were 69ing with me on the bottom, I started rubbing my goatee on his ass crack.  It drove him nuts.  We both came all over me then.

Many guys, especially married ones, start pulling back at that point, feeling guilty, I think, not really wanting to touch or kiss or even acknowledge your existence.  Just get dressed and get the fuck out of there.  But he didn't.  We talked, we showered, and talked some more.
This is not him, but imagine the most
beautiful face on this body. 

Then, he dropped a bomb shell.  I didn't see it coming at all.  He is gay, not married, but in a relationship with a partner.  It blew me away.  I guess it really doesn't change much...I always knew he had a commitment to someone, but for some reason, it seemed a lot different.

We may not repeat the performance.  In fact, if we ever see each other out [which is quite possible in a small city like Richmond], we will not even acknowledge that we know each other...but for was enough to clear up the blues.

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