Wednesday, October 10, 2012

followup to Writing In The Glow

So I have this great time that I wrote about in the previous post with the built, young buck playing his daddy.  I share my story with my neighboring gay bud who can tell that I am close to being obsessed.  OK, maybe close is not correct...maybe closer than close.  As real buds do, he brings me down to earth (although not slowly, but--he was right).  "It's a great time, but it won't last.  Don't get all excited only to be let down later." I think about it and agree with him.  Still....we had a great time...both of us.  The ensuing conversation [texting] went like this:
ME:  I had a really great time yesterday, thanks.
HIM:  I did too.  Did you see how hard I was?
ME:  What turned you on the most?
HIM:  Everything.  I loved what you did to me.
ME:  What could have been better?
At this point, there was no response for a long time...10 minutes or more.
ME:  Seriously, I want to know.  I can take it.
HIM:  I really really get turned on by muscle daddies.
Well, I am not a muscle daddy...on the fat side of that, def.  So, I am deflated, but it really was not unexpected.  So, I am OK with it.  I just keep remembering what my bud said--it was a great time...enjoy it.

I still think about him over the weekend, but with things in a better perspective.  But, he is so fucking hot.  Phew!!!

On Monday, I just have to communicate with him, say hello, etc.
ME:  Hi.  I just wanted to thank you again for last week.  I know I'm not the muscle daddy you really want, but you have to know that you made an old guy very happy.  Thanks again.  And if you ever want to do that again, you know you just have to ask.  Have a great week.
It wasn't a minute before I get this response:
HIM:  We'll def play again.

:-)  Damn, that makes a guy feel good.

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