Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sean's TMI Thursday

Sean from has been doing TMI Thursday where he asks questions and asks his readers to answer them in comments, or here in their blog.  For this week....  
1. Dogs are...
...great friends, unbelievably smart, a great comfort who never talks back, valuable.
2. My boyfriend is...
3. I love... cuddle, to make a guy feel good, my kids regardless of how they act, a guy who loves me for me, my fantastic friends who stand by me when I really need it, a sunny fall day, to cry sometimes.
4. I hate...
...politics, stupid people, to be alone, my ex for all good reasons, liars and those who only choose to hurt, pessimists.
5. I need...
...a true friend, to be strong at the right times, to be weak at the right times, a lover, another beer.
6. I am...
...a fucking mess.  But a lovable one.
Sex is..., but making love is where it's at.


  1. I think your answer to My BF is...should be - waiting for me to adjust to my new life.

    1. What a pleasant thought, Sean. thanks.