Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Found...a bottom sub

I had been messaging this guy for a day or two, but our schedules didn't match.  Then, this morning about 9, he was more interested.  He had a meeting that was cancelled and had a couple of hours.  Hairy chest, 48, bottom, loves to please.  Sure, why not.
"I haven't had a shower yet, just got in from running."
"I like man smells,"  he said.
I was there in 15 minutes...local hotel.  He finally gave me the room number when I was in the parking lot.  And, sure enough, he was just as advertised.  As soon as he closed the door, I grabbed his head, and gave him a huge kiss.  Then I pushed him over to the bed, and after taking our shirts off, I pushed him down to my inflating cock...I could smell the man smells from where I was as he devoured my uncut cock.  It was a bit ripe from a night of sleep, and the morning run.  But he cleaned it up nicely.
"You love that cock, don't you?", I whispered.   "I'm gonna put it in your ass next." and I did.  But first, I lubed him up and opened him up a bit more with my thumb.  He was poppering like crazy, and he loved the ass play.  After I wrapped it and slid it in him, I looked at his face, red from the poppers, as he was grabbing the sheets and cooing like a bird, thoroughly enjoying his fucking.
After pounding him good, I pulled it out, ripped off the rubber, turned him over and came on his face.
Thirty minutes after I arrived, I was down the hall, greeting the housekeepers on my way back to my car.
Nice guy...married, to a guy in New England.
I love when they make that face!!
This is not him...borrowed from the Internet.

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