Monday, June 18, 2012

A Perfect Guy?

He seemed perfect for me.  Late-40s, 6-0, 180, "likes mature, take charge guys".  Smoke no, drink socially, drugs no.  But he says he is a bottom, and he says he is looking for friendship.  Why would a guy say he is a bottom if he is just looking for friendship?  Is fucking included in friendship?  I always thought that was sex.  I guess I have so much to learn about the gay world and the terminology.

I decided it was worth the try...let's meet for a sex was implied.  At the prescribed time, I was there at the bar, in the parking lot waiting for him...a no show.  Damn.  And he seemed so nice.  Within a minute I get a message from him..where was I?  I had pretty clearly stated where, but he was at a different bar....and he seemed like he really DID want to meet.  Twenty minutes later, I was pulling in next to his car.  We chatted in the car for maybe 10 minutes.  He was not a perfect 10 for me, but a nice enough guy, great sense of humor, and I really DID want to see what was under his clothes....but I have no time tonight...things came up at the last minute and I need to run.

Second meeting...a local park, bright sunny afternoon, I am in the parking lot 
by the soccer fields, and he is nowhere to be found...he is in the other parking lot.  We finally find each other, and after a brief walk around the park and a lot of talk, I invite him to my place for a drink. 

Wine and cheese ... on the couch...kissing, touching, and I let my hand drift down to his crotch.  No resistance, so I start playing with his very hard cock through his pants.  Circumstances won't let us take it to the bedroom, I could be interrupted any minute by one of my kids' friends, but I can't resist.  I need to see his cock, to touch it, and taste it.  I get my hand under his shirt, feeling his smooth chest, and slide down inside his pants, loose enough on him to easily get my hand down there and it feels just as nice as I expected.  His cock is now pressing hard against his belly, and sticking up under his belt where I put it.  I kiss him, with my hand behind his head controlling him...a deep hard kiss...and it feels marvelous.  My hand goes back to his pants and I find the belt unbuckled and the pants unzipped.  Yes, he wants it as bad as I do.  I lower my head to taste it.  It's a bit dangerous to be licking his cock in the middle of the family room, but I need to do it.  After a few minutes of licking and sucking his cock, he starts to shoot...not a scream from him, but still a primitive, guttural sound and I take his cum.  I then move up to share it with him in a kiss that lasts as long as any...we are attached for a brief time, sharing his juices.  

As he comes down from the testosterone high, we both realize that what we are doing, and where we are doing it is way too dangerous for us both.  I did not have an orgasm, but I am OK with it.  It was great to satisfy him, and know that our next visit will be even more satisfying.  He DID say he was a bottom, after all.

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