Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Dennis and the trailer with the Yellow School Bus

As I get more at ease from experience with my sexuality, I find things are a lot easier to handle.  The nervousness of a 'first meeting' are mostly gone.  I finally have the balls to walk up to a house that I have never been to, and meet a guy whose name I don't even know.

But, the biggest learning experience is simply being able to set realistic expectations about what I am going to find when that door opens.  Initially, it seemed that everyone I hooked up with was a big disappointment, but when I went back to remember what I had based my expectations on, quite often I was overlooking things that were pretty apparent for someone who could just get his dick out of the way, and think with his brain instead of that other head.

I was in the mid-west the first of the week, at my old home town, and checking out the GRINDR guys.  Now I am talking about a fairly small city, with a total of about 80,000 in the whole county.  There were several that looked promising, but Dennis kept popping up.  After a lengthy conversation, I wrote him off because he lived pretty far out, and he seemed to want a few more guarantees and pics than I wanted to give him.  He had also called me cocky [although I really DID deserve it].

Unfortunately, the other options were all drying up fast, and I was horny as hell for an ass to fuck.  I don't usually crave an ass, but for some reason, Tuesday I really wanted it.  I was visiting relatives off and on all day, and as it turned out, I had a little extra time that I didn't think I had.

GPS took me right to the trailer, with the old yellow school bus sitting next to it, and the two cars in the grass circular drive.  As I walked up to the door, I really thought that this was a place I would never follow through and go to a few months ago.  He opened the door and actually looked just like his picture.

After he sucked me, and we got naked, he whispered, "Fuck me!".
"What?", I said.  "You want a cocky guy like me to fuck you?"  I made him repeat it.

He was pretty tight, it worked well.  I'm not a fan of KY jelly, but he was opened up pretty good in the next few minutes on the bed.

And I was on my way.

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