Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Great Dane or Norwegian?

I spend way too much time on Grindr, I know.  It is so addicting, I just can't seem to 'not' click on it.  But when I was buzzing down I-81, and glanced down at this sexy as hell pic of two guys in a mouth to mouth embrace, I just had to say something.

I do that a lot.  See someone who is extra sexy or just nice looking, and I gotta just give 'em a compliment.  It never hurts, and may make someone feel better.

But this particular one was extra special.  ...and I have been known to be a great kisser [not my words, just every guy I have ever kissed says that--and some gals too].  My message to him was, "Guys tell me I'm a great kisser. But I'd like your opinion."

It was an immediate bond between us.  OK, maybe not for him, but for me, I felt an immediate bond.  I just wanted to talk to him, or touch him or anything...just get closer to him any way possible.  

But, I was headed the wrong way, no time to stop and spend 3 or 4 hours going to find him and he not be there or not interested after all.  I did, however put him in my favorites to follow up on later, hopefully.  After all, driving 70+ MPH down I-81 while texting is not a smart thing to do anyway.
There will be an update soon.

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