Monday, August 6, 2012

Kissing so underrated.  Something so sexy about it, I really can't describe.
As a young man, I didn't experience the joy of kissing another man.  It was so taboo, but today.... I love it.

My guy has to like it too, or we just can't be together.

Rough or tender, it all works.  And I have to mix it up.
Sometimes, it is just a light touch, barely grazing his lips.  A little tongue action, licking his lips or touching his tongue to mine.  Or I gently bite his lip.  Just kind of gnaw on it a little.
 Finally I move in for the full tongue action, fighting tongues, probing, searching.

 What do you do with your hands?  Mine are nearly always on his head, holding him to me.  Or around his neck, guiding his face to mine, and caressing him.

Often, my hands are on his chin or the side of his face, caressing, rubbing, and tenderly steering him to me.

How do you kiss your man?  The guy on the right is a great kisser!!!  My favorite.  

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