Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Update on Nathan

So, Nathan....remember him?  The hot guy I had a beer with, but he wouldn't do much else until one day I hit on that he likes ass play.  No, he doesn't 'like' ass play, he LOVES ass play.

It had been two weeks since our last meeting [our first meeting with sex] and I was ready for it.  So I sent him a note this morning..."are you in town today?"  Yes was his response.  "Lets play doctor at 1.  OK?"
OK, he says.
With roughly two hours to get ready, I had to get the house cleaned up enough to host him, get ready myself, and find time to go out and get some lube that was missing.  As it turns out, he was delayed an hour, but I was still ready for him.

I met him at the door with my heavily starched shirt and nice red tie on, and the play began.  He was already hard when I had him take his pants off for the testicle, penis, and anal exams.  So we played Dr. and patient for a while, and all was good.

But the really nice part was time we spent with otherwise.  He's a great kisser, and an intelligent guy overall.  We talked about being out or not, boyfriends and lovers, our likes and dislikes, and even talked about how great it would be to sleep together, and wake up fucking in the middle of the night.  Damn, he had me there.  I absolutely love doing that.

I think it will work out OK with him.  Not a lifelong, permanent partner, but a really good friend, I hope.  Looking forward to more with him.

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