Monday, August 27, 2012

Back in the Saddle

It doesn't take long to get out of a funk.  Just need the right guy(s) to help with it.

Friday night was a real bust...had an evening without obligations, and surely I could find someone who wanted a little fun...but it was not to be. a real funk...really just expected to read a little, GRINDR a little, and maybe hit the porn sites.  I just love it when I have no expectations of a hookup and I find one.  And, he turned out to be a really nice one...43 YO who was in town visiting some family, but at a hotel for the evening.  He invited me over, and, of course, I went.  No expectations...we did not even discuss sexual preferences.  I really just wanted some company.

We spent more than the typical time, hometowns, BFs, [or not], and even some sports [he wasn't much of a fan].
Our drinks were empty [I brought one with me] and it was time for a bathroom break as well.  After my time in the bathroom, I turned around and looked at him.  He looked like he really needed a kiss.  I was right...he did.

I spent the night.
We made each other very happy.
It was fun...although we didn't get much sleep [was it fun BECAUSE we didn't get much sleep?].

Exchanged phone numbers, and then even agreed to meet for coffee after showers, and on his way out of town.  For an hour or so, I thought he had bailed on me, but he finally called, and had just fallen asleep in the chair.  I am pretty sure we will see each other again.  He is a great guy.

Monday morning, a great guy from Tennessee was visiting [and yes, he even had orange underwear... a true VOL fan.]  His profile said TNcocksucker.  ...and he lived up to his profile.  ...a really great kisser, and a superb cocksucker.

Then, a regular favorite guy in the world...wanted to stop by.  He had grown a goatee and a beard...short...looked fantastic.  Another great kisser.  I sleep tonight a happy, sated man.

No, it wasn't Michael Weiss....but just as great looking.  

When it rains, it pours.

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