Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sean's TMI Thursday

Sean from has been doing TMI Thursday where he asks questions and asks his readers to answer them in comments, or here in their blog.  For this week.... 

No great adventures here...I really do lead a boring life.

1. Worst experience you ever had in a car? (not including accidents)
Non-sexual:  I was in FL with a high school/college friend who is a bit OCD, and is also very claustrophobic.  We were on the Atlantic side, and had been driving for quite a while, just checking out bars and the like.  I saw from the map [before GPS] that the shortest way back was through a tunnel under the inland waterway.  We were low on money and gas, and I thought --erroneously-- that I could be in and out of the tunnel before he really realized what was going on.  He damn near wrecked us when he saw the road dip into the tunnel under the water.
Sexual:  A very close call...had picked up a 20 YO and was parked near a state forest for a little sucking.  I saw a state trooper go past us...not sure if he saw us or not, but decided to go on and leave.  We got on the road, and just past the next turn, he passed us since he had turned around and was headed back to check out our parked car.  That was way too close for comfort.  

2. Driver or navigator?I have to do both!!! Type A, you know.

3. Planes, trains or automobiles?
Love them all...for obviously different reasons.

4. Best road trip?1980...Florida tour...with a straight bud...Not out, but still had a great time... he got his women, and I got my man...first visit to a gay bar... And he was none the wiser.

5. What's the farthest you've gone in a car? Sex, not distance.A car was the only private place we had for a long time.  But still only ever got to second...maybe third base with a girl or a guy.  
What kind of car do you drive? What kind do you dream of?

Camry but I would look great in ....

2013 SL550 Roadster

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