Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Scott2....Is that you?

"CURIOUS" is all it said...you know the blank GRINDR screen with no pic.  Inside... white, 41, 6-0, 185. 
"What are you curious about?"
Finally a reply, "About blowjobs"
"Getting one or giving one?"
"Or both?"
Predictable, I hoped.  "Both".
The usual banter ensued....married, yes...discreet, yes...ddf, yes...then it departed from the predictable a bit.
Scott:  "I have never sucked a dick, but really want to.
You will have to help me, tell me what to do."
Me: "Not a problem.  When can you meet?" 

I was elated.  This guy had potential, and I really wanted to explore it.  But, I am too discreet to just give out my address to anyone, so I insisted on meeting somewhere else, to give him a chance to see me and me see him before committing to a hook up.

The meeting was great.  He was certainly great material, and we were off to the house.

It was fun...he liked to kiss, and we did that a lot.  He was nervous but let me undress him, then me.  He is not a muscle man, but has a nice dick, nice ass, hwp-as they say, and certainly worth looking at. As he wanted, I took control of the situation and we spent a lot of time licking, sucking, and touching...all over. 

I realized I have this novice in my bed, naked, and really hungry for a man.  I had to know his limits, but even if I asked, he couldn't tell me, because he didn't know them.  I decided to help him discover what he likes.
Kissing? yes.
Sucking? yes.
Being sucked? yes.
Ass play?  Need to find out, so I got a little lube and started rubbing his hole, reassuring him that I was not gonna fuck him, and I would stop whenever he wanted.
His reaction to my finger was immediate and undeniable.  He was writhing, moaning, and barely able to stay on the bed.  Loving to make a guy feel good, I continued with a finger, then a larger thumb.  I then combined it with some jacking...and he had so much precum, we needed no more lube.

I realized that he was probably not used to this ass play, and I should slow down although I really thought that if I had tried hard, I could have fucked him.   Still, I kept this up for a while which made me harder and even more turned on as I witnessed his reaction to my playfulness.  Finally, I knew we needed to finish it up...time was not on our side.  My goal now was to make sure he wanted to come back for more.

After we both came, I sent him to the showers.  He then left, feeling very good, I think.

A followup note to his GRINDR account:  "You are gonna be a little sore...hope you enjoyed it."
But, alas, it fell on deaf ears.  The whole incident was a few months ago, and he never responded.  I finally took him off as a favorite, and forgot about him.  [Not totally forgotten...it was a hot encounter.]

On Monday last week-two months after our meeting, I got a note from him..."Just wanted to say Happy New Year."

Mmmmmmmmmm.  Only one reason he would wish me Happy New Year after that long.
Me:  "Love to meet up again if you want to sometime...guaranteed discretion."
S:  "Busy today?"
Me:  "I am now...you remember how to get here?"

It's gonna be fun.


  1. Looking forward to part two!

  2. Hiya Nate. Sean pointed me in your direction today. I'm glad he did :-)

    My husband and I are a couple of buckeyes in Virginia as well.