Friday, January 18, 2013

Good Morning RVA

A glorious morning in RVA.  It snowed a dab and the whole place shut down.  Not even sure you can get a good cup of coffee out in the world this morning.  Temperature is sitting right at freezing at 7AM and predicted to rise as the sun comes up.  The it still there?  Haven't seen it around here for a while.  Not to one is moving around here anyway.

So far, I've spent the morning surfing a bit, and blogging some, answering e-mails as well.  A friend from high school sent me a note this morning that reminded me of those high school days.  Not sure about you all, but for me, it was a time of doubt.  Not sure what I was, what I wanted to be or what I should be.  That was an innocent time...when I actually believed that there was an order to things, and it was important.
Is that the SUN?

It IS a beautiful world, and a sad, harsh one too at times.  To have been raised during the 'Father Knows Best' era seemed nice at the time, but in retrospect, it was also very damaging.  Most of us actually believed in that 'happily ever after' that never materialized.  Somewhere between puberty and today, I realized that it truly is what you make it.  But, not in a material way.  If you believe things are bad, they will appear that way.  If you believe they are better/nicer/good, they will appear that way.  It's time to pick up my 'glass half full' mentality and spread good cheer to the rest of the world.  No one really likes a scrooge anyway.

More and more, I question what this blog is about.  What does it all mean?  Other bloggers that are listed on the right panel have very different objectives than I.  Don't ever vote for my blog for anything.  ...not my goal.  ...not even my desire.  Anonymity is important to me.

I could repost those fantastic pics from other bloggers, but Sean, Loki, and other unnamed bloggers do that so well, I don't feel the need.  (I love your men, Sean.  You get my vote any day.)

I could turn it into a political forum.  :-(  Too many of them already.  And, besides, you would not agree with my views, and I just don't want to argue about it.  (I am mostly a 'leave the fuck alone' kind of guy...less is better when it comes to government.)

It has become a diary for me.  It is a way to share my thoughts and fears that I would never share.  Those of you who do read this know more about me than anyone, ever.  To a large degree, it is simply rambling, but it is rambling about things that I dare not share with my family or friends.  I have let you behind that famous 'green curtain' from the land of Oz, shared my most private secrets with you. I thank you for reading.

Please have a great day...


  1. I like that you're writing and sharing again. You may not realize it but in all those tales of conquests, you were revealing a lot about yourself and your progress. I like this post very much.

    As for the pics and such - thanks. I didn't always do that and I wasn't always good. I realized a while ago that posting the pics had more to do with my sexual frustrations and served as a release of sorts - they sure helped my stats.

    There is always someone, many someones, who will do everything I want to do better then I do but not one person in the world will do it just like I do it. That is what it is about and if you want your blog to be more of a journal, then let it be IT IS YOURS. Over time it and you will grow and change as it should be.

  2. Thanks so much Sean. You always say the best things.

    I saw a guy today on GRINDR while I was returning from a trip to Williamsburg. He is from DC, likes Jeeps, and has two dogs. I had to look twice to make sure it wasn't you.

    Unfortunately he did not return my note...I think he may have been offline by the time I sent it. I just had to mention it to you. I will send you a screenshot if I get it.