Saturday, January 12, 2013

Slave wanted ...part 1

Scotty and I had met on Craigslist months ago.  We actually didn't meet, but did exchange a lot of emails.  He is late 30s, 6-0, 190 or so, and is a serious sub. "clean shaven, not very muscular, broad shoulders, average build, 34 waist, 6.5" cock, nice ass, long legs, very little body hair, virgin ass and mouth, shy, quiet type." In fact, he wants to be a slave [his term, not mine].  I have dabbled with BDSM from time to time, but nothing really serious.  Sure, there was the 60+ year old who wanted to be abused by numerous guys [and we did], and there was the 43 YO who 'needed' to be fucked by multiple guys in the same session [but safely].  Scotty was a little different for some reason.  Younger, more innocent maybe.  And a lot more careful.

We had exchanged emails for weeks, until finally, about a month ago, it looked like he really wanted to go through with it.  We bartered about the rules [leave at prescribed time, no pictures, no visitors unless previously announced, and at the first meeting, no penetration, no kissing, in short, nothing that could possibly be the cause of an STD].  He had obviously either done it before or thought a lot about it.   Second meeting, fucking is OK with a rubber, and sucking is good too. 

I had written him off many times, he seemed so concerned about so many things, I didn't think he would ever commit.  But a date was set.  Then he missed a deadline to get back to me, and I acted like a master should.  I was outraged.  I wrote him off. That was a month ago.

Last week, I was looking through old emails and saw our last exchange. I sent him a note:
"Hey,  how have you been?  Interested?" 
Yes, he was still interested, and yes he wanted to meet.  The date was set for Thursday.  On Tuesday, and on Wednesday, he kept emailing me...are you ok with the rules, what do you want me to wear? and on and on.  Then, on Thursday morning, he sent an email, "Can we change it to 11:30?  I have a conflict?"
Then, "Can we change it to 12:30?  Somethings come up."
Then, "1:00 would really work better, but I can be there til 3."
Then, "1:00 still works, but I can only stay til 2:00."

At that point, I was thinking, "He has no intention of making this meeting."
At 12:30, I got a text, "I'm leaving in 2 minutes.  I will be there soon."

So, what would YOU think?

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