Thursday, January 24, 2013

TMI Thursday

Sean from Just a Jeep Guy and his TMI answers!
1. If you could be a Super Hero or Super Villain, which would you be and why?
Super Hero....I don't have the mindset to be a Super Villain.
2. What's your secret identity?
Publishing executive...lots of travel, opportunity to 'disappear' when the need arises.
3. Which person in your life would be your trusted sidekick?
My son.
4. What is your kryptonite (weakness)?
Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream.
5. What are your power(s)?
Able to emit pheromones, at will, to make the most viscous villain meltdown with such lust that I overpower him/her with my will.  Healthily strong with great abs, pecs, arms and back.
6. Describe your costume.
It's a dark blue number...Skin tight (that's a requirement, isn't it?) that shows off my superb physique [this is fantasy after all], with a cutout front to show the skin on a sexy treasure trail and a moderately hairy chest.  Skin tight around a bubble butt and down long legs.    BONUS
Which Super Hero or Super Villain would you most like to have sex? Be specific i.e.: Christopher Revee Superman, Hal Jordan Green Lantern, Super Friends Wonder Woman. Describe the sex.
Brandon Routh.

A little known weakness of 'Superman' is his love of 'man on man' kissing.  After a brief scent of my sex pheromone, he is moved to hug, then go for a kiss, then a tongue fight which he loses but it makes us both win. 
Deep kissing only leads to more trouble:  I have one hand behind his head, and the other on his firm ass, softly caressing first one cheek, then the other until I have worked him into a frenzy.  His bulge is no longer soft and round, but has become a long, thick bulge as his ample cock thickens and straightens its full length.  He thrashes about, humping to move around to relieve the pressure his cock is causing to his skin tight pants...not to worry, I will shortly remove those pants for him as I throw him on the bed and get ready to dive into that sweet ass.
I spread those firm cheeks just enough to get my nose in between them to nuzzle his rosebud.  His reaction is predictably loud and raucous as he moans at the sensation.  I continue to attack his ass until he begs for more ....

Whew...that's enough for now.


  1. This TMI has elicited the most sexual responses by far - no wonder geeks love comics!

  2. You did ask for it. Loved Loki's interpretation too.