Thursday, January 10, 2013

SEAN's TMI Thursday

Sean from Just A Jeep Guy and his TMI Thursday.  His questions, my answers.

1. How often do you shower or bathe?

Daily...twice or more if I'm having a LOT of fun.
2. When do you like to shower?

Mornings...or immediately after having sex during the day.
3. Describe your shower (or bath) routine.

Wet hair, shampoo.  Wash from the neck down paying special attention to the privates...front and back.  Then the face and ears.
4. Do you like to shower or bathe with you S.O.?

Don't have one, but when I can shower with a guest, I do.  But for fun, and all the 'normal' activities are changed.
5. Shaving: what, where and how often?

Face, every other day or so.  Ears, nose, weekly.  And other places only if I have a date or hookup with a guy I REALLY like and he prefers that I trim. 
6. Do you shower at the gym or wait until you get home?

Wait...if it's close and it usually is.
7. Before having sex do you like to be freshly showered? Ripe? Perfumed? How do you like your partner?

Showered, no perfume at all.  And I generally like my partner to be the same...but if it is a middle of the night thing [and I love 'wake up' sex] then we just DO IT.

Sex in the bathroom: Shower, Bath, Hot tub, Public?

Yes, yes, yes, but no. 


  1. Replies
    1. Me too. There is nothing so sensuous as waking up in the middle of the night, all snuggled in, and feeling that warm body next to you. Hand wanders over to his butt, then around to his junk to see if it's hard. And, if conditions are right, wake him up with a nice BJ. Of course that may progress to more vigorous activities, or it may just be a precursor to even more wake up sex later.