Sunday, January 13, 2013

Slave..part 2

I've been here before...where you are expecting a hookup, but he never shows up.  I used to get really disturbed by it, but finally learned that "That's just the way it is!!"  Sometimes he shows up, and sometimes he doesn't. 

I had refused to give him my address because, for some reason, I expected a problem.  No, there wasn't anything illegal about what I had done or what we had talked about doing.  He was a consenting adult as am I.  But still, I was unusually nervous. 

Probably doesn't matter anyway!  He is unlikely to show up.

"I'm almost to your there in 5 minutes.  Where do I go from there?"

I sent the directions to him, without the house address.  I don't know why, but I was still reluctant to give him my address.  Stupid, I know.  "Park behind the blue Nissan.  Come in the front door."

A pickup truck slows in front of my house and turns into the driveway.  I am truly surprised he actually showed up as I peek out the blinds to see what I can about him. 

But then, I am looking through the blind...he is in the truck, but doesn't get out.  I send him a text.  "You made it!"  Just in case he isn't sure he has the right house. 

Finally, after what seemed like 5 minutes, he gets out of the truck, and walks to the front door.  I open it just as he is about to knock. 

We had chatted about what to do after he arrives.  In fact, he suggested that he strip immediately, and I properly collar him and put the wrist and ankle restraints on.... but rather than tell him that, I insisted that I would give him instructions at that time.  I had time to think about it, and decided that we would first review the rules we had agreed on.  Then, based on some suggestions from an internet search I had done, I would take complete control, and inspect him just as any prospective owner would inspect goods prior to purchase.  I actually had a script, of sorts, that I expected to use. 

All went pretty much as I expected so far.  He was stripped of shirt, shoes and socks.  I am sure I appeared very sure of myself, inspected the goods, made appropriate comments on his body.  Next was to get him harnessed.  After removing his pants, I inspected his dick and balls.  Held them like a melon at the grocery, and made appropriate comments.  He has a really nice dick...not huge, but he was nicely hung. Then to put the harness on.  It was a rope harness that I found on the internet, with instructions on how to put it on.  I even tried it on myself before he arrived, so I would have some idea of how it worked. 

I then covered the various positions that I expected him to know...Inspect, Rest, Kneel, Head Up.  

During all of this time, he made almost no comments.  He only spoke when asked a question, never questioned anything I had him do [all were within our agreement].

Wait for part 3.  I promise to finish it tomorrow.


  1. Did you ever get into this with your wife? or women? If yes, no sexual details needed.

    1. Never did. But I would share the details if I had, of course.