Saturday, January 19, 2013

Remember? Northern Exposure

Do you remember Northern Exposure?  The tv show in the was actually on the air from 1990 to 1995....starred a couple of guys worth mentioning.

Rob Morrow
Joel Fleischman played by Rob Morrow was the Jewish Doctor who agreed to take the job as a doctor in the lonely town of Cicely, Alaska, I think in exchange for his tuition in medical school.  I always thought Rob was related to Vic Morrow of COMBAT! fame, but alas, he was not.  Yeah, Rob is a pretty hot guy, although as straight as anyone.

John Corbett played Chris Stephens, the local Cicely radio announcer with that fantastic, telltale voice [later the announcer on several commercials including Applebees and Ford].  I love his voice.    I think he is probably straight too, but he's still a hot guy in my book.  From Wheeling, WV, a nice little town squeezed between Ohio and Pennsylvania, an hour or so from Pittsburgh, John has been a favorite of mine since I first saw him on NE.

Anthony Edwards
One other guy of note was Anthony Edwards.  He was only on the show for about 6 episodes, but he made a major impression on me playing the 'bubble boy'...a guy with no immune system who lived in a bubble.  I think he was also killed off by a meteorite.  Imagine that!!!   The writers on that show must have had a blast.  ...and I loved it all.  An escape from reality.  Of course, he went on to star in, and finally die in ER, the tv show.  I vividly remember the show when he went to Hawaii to die, and the song that was played/sung when he was at the beach.  I love that song..."Somewhere Over the Rainbow" by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole.  If you haven't heard it, you owe it to yourself.  click this >> Israel none of these guys are gay, and I don't have any great nude pics of them, just a walk down memory lane for me.


  1. Loved that show, especially John.

  2. NR was one of the greatest shows ever, to me. Not long ago, Rob Morrow did a multi-episode role on CSI:NY as a crazy arsonist. He was outstanding. I love John Corbett's voice, and really liked him in United States of Tara.

    1. When I lived in Pittsburgh, I imagined taking the drive to Wheeling and just 'running into John Corbett.' LOL. If I thought it actually had a chance of happening, I would have been there regularly. He's the kind of guy I like...the next door type, not a god but nice body, handsome but not a 10, and tall. In my imagination, he is a wild guy in bed...and maybe could get into some guy to guy stuff. He has never married!!!! And he is a licensed hair stylist!!!
      OK...Yeah, it's dreaming, but what's life for anyway? LOL