Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Scott2...round 2

Scott was more confident this time.  He had a little more time at this visit, and he knew a little better about what he wanted.  He also showed up a lot less nervous than last time, but just as eager.  We got undressed quickly, no need to explore it a bit at a time when we both knew what we would find.  That left plenty of time for kissing, and a lot of fondling.
"I was really sore last time.", he said.
"I told you that you would be.  But I didn't realize until after it was all over.  Sorry if I got carried away.  You are such a sensuous guy that I couldn't stop myself.  I promise to be a lot more careful today."
"It was still a lot of fun.", he said.
We were a tangle of naked arms and legs and dicks and asses.  It was so much fun, but then it always is when two passionate guys get together.  He is a great learner...can suck a dick like an expert now.  And he loves doing it, which is part of the formula.  A guy always does something he likes better than something he doesn't.  He got a lot of precum, and had me so close to cumming that I needed to slow him down a bit, and work on him.

I got a dab of lube and started playing with his hole again.  Same reaction as before...a lot of moaning, and thrashing.  I am still convinced he is a bottom who is waiting to be discovered.  Then, I took him in my mouth, and started licking his dick like a lollipop.  I'm not a deep throat guy, but I have a great tongue, and that fit perfectly with him.  I eased up on his hole a bit, and took him in my mouth...just below the head, and started attacking his head with my tongue.  It wasn't long and he started yelling, "I'm gonna cum if you don't stop that" which made me more determined to keep going.  Along with engulfing his dick and licking his dickhead, I gently started rubbing his hole at the same time.  Soon, very soon, he erupted like a geyser...a big cummer.  He was totally spent.

I finished up myself on his belly too, making it a perfect ending to a beautiful nooner.

Damn, I hope he doesn't wait this long til next time.  I really want to fuck him, but I want him to want it more than me.  I think he is almost there.


  1. Love a sex story with a 'happy ending!'

  2. I'm loving this story... leave them wanting more, so they are thinking about how much more amazing it's going to be next time.

    1. I'm glad I conveyed that feeling because that is exactly how I was feeling too.