Monday, January 14, 2013

Slave 3

Scotty was extremely concerned about STDs-to the point that I knew it would be a problem, just didn't realize how 'major' a problem.  But, I agreed to his rules, so I would live by them.  "No fucking on the first meeting, even with a condom.  No sucking on the first meeting except with a condom.  No kissing at the first meeting."  That pretty much leaves petting, jacking, and talking about it.

To make the best of it, I decided to make my inspection even more complete.  After we moved to the bedroom, I proceeded to inspect even closer...his asshole.  I donned latex gloves that I had left over from my stint in a Dr./Patient role play and proceeded to inspect.  A little lube and some gentle, nimble fingers, and I had him moaning in no time.  He was really getting into it...and I loved it. 

I wanted to fuck him so bad it was a real shame.  Instead, I made him play with my dick and balls, and jack me off.  It was feeling so good, but without the sucking, not quite good enough.

Time was up, so I ordered him into the shower and left him to get dressed.  Before leaving, we again?  Yes.  Like what we did?  Yes.  Are you sure, cause if not, I can understand?  No, I really enjoyed it and will definitely be back!!  That's why I was surprised when I got a text from him!!

Hi, thought long and hard about it and I just don't think I can go through with it.  I guess it is more of a fantasy than a reality for me.  Good luck in the future.  You are very hot.  Only thing I would change if I were you is to cut/shave your balls/cock area.
Thanks again for trying.

Oh, well.  I hope he figures out what he really wants someday.

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  1. Reminds me of that scene in Jeffery. I feel sorry for him. I wonder if he only has those fears with men or if he has them with women too because women have all the same ones. But women have one STD that he can't get from men - children. I know that sounds crass (it's sort of a joke) but they do come from sex, can last a life time if you don't get treatment soon enough and for many can cause death.