Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Busy Sunday

I was just checking to see if I had any messages, and, sure enough, Michael3 had sent me a note to hook up.  He loves older, hairy men.  I had never met with him, but had chatted a couple of times briefly.  I didn't really believe he was my type, but sometimes you can't tell from the picture.

After a quick shower and the 20 minute drive downtown, I was sitting on his couch talking about all kinds of things not related to sex.  Then we were talking about things related to sex, then we were having sex.  After orgasm, we talked about other things again.  

He is a very pleasant guy, but not really my type...too 'OUT'.  I have never really fallen for the obviously gay guys.  But, he has beautiful eyes, and nice large kissable lips...we did that a lot.  So, I kind of 'ruled the roost', the bed.  And, of course, he told me how great a kisser I am...I am definitely getting a big head about that.  

I actually spent at least a couple of hours with him.  He is an interior decorator, and I had to show him pictures of my 'less than nicely decorated' rooms for his opinion.  I know...that's pretty bad, but I am desperate for any decorating help.  I missed all of those gay genes.

To the gym, home for shower number 2 of the day, and then off to Mike1 for my Sunday afternoon standard appointment.  It was especially good today with him...not sure why...maybe because we had missed each other for a couple of weeks with busy schedules...maybe because he just really turns me on.  I fucked him a lot longer than usual..and he was very appreciative.  I just love the way he talks to me, and how much he really loves being fucked.  He is one of the best.  

Today, I wanted him to ride me first...I was still sore from the gym, and he did indeed ride.  He has a great ass...nice and firm...white compared to the rest of him, and when my cock first goes in him, he really sings for me [getting hard again just thinking about it].  Then I fucked him on the bed on his belly, with me standing up beside the bed.  I really pounded him today.  My cock was as far in him as it could possibly go, and we both loved it.  
I could have put my dick away and left after that [hadn't cum yet], but he will have none of that.  He worked my dick and got the cum out of it for him.  He is a cum hound, and will do almost anything for my cum.  

Then home for shower number 3, and some family stuff.  I will sleep well tonight.

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