Sunday, July 15, 2012

What a week/weekend.  I feel like I have had one meltdown after another.  And in the middle of it, entertained a few guys.
Thursday, my friend Flip insisted he get a room and we spend some time alone there.  I can't say no, it seems.  Then, when a 21 YO guy from the local university started hitting on me Wednesday night, I actually considered inviting him over after Flip left on Thursday.  OK, I more than considered it.  I did. With a lot of reservation, but I still did.  After all, he was a decent looking guy, looking for friendship.  But, as I pointed out to him, guys who want to be friends rarely send ass and dick pics to guys they just want to be friends with.
So, Flip and I played, and as he was getting ready to leave, my 21YO local student showed him A.  We talked for 20 minutes, with most of the time spent with me answering his questions.  I finally said, "What do you want to do?", and he asked me the same thing.  I told him I wanted us to get naked on the bed and then let me fuck him.  He said he was very submissive.  That only means one thing to me...he was ready.
So, I stuck my dick in his mouth for him to get it nice and hard while I played with his ass.  Then I wrapped it up, lubed it and stuck it in him.  He pulled back after it was in like it was too painful.  I said, "you want it or not?" and he nodded, so I put it back in.  Within a few minutes, he was begging me to fuck him harder, so I did.
After he came, he showered and left, and I slept the night away.  In the morning, Flip shows up as agreed, and we prepare for our third guy...none other than T from a previous blog.  Remember him?  When T cancelled a meeting at the last minute because he was afraid of his feelings, I called it off with him, blocked him, and tried to forget him.  But, I can never hold a grudge well.  We started chatting again, and setup this meeting.  A rousing 3-way of kissing, sucking, and finally a little fucking.  I fucked T for the first time.  He really did like it...I was a bit surprised he took it so well since he has had little experience.

Then on Saturday, Flip was in town with his partner, and we ended up having dinner together.  I had never met him, and he doesn't know how good friends Flip and I are.  I don't plan to tell him.  But, a nice time was had by all...and Flip's partner even invited me to come visit them to party and spend the night [not a the spare room].

Now, I think I am as fucked up as ever.  But, things seem to be getting a little clearer.  Flip and I will continue to be friends, but I really can't do the nasty with him and feel good about it.  Got to clear that up with him.

The meeting with T was fun.  But, it was just fun.  I actually think he likes me a lot more than I do him.  I know there is no future with a married guy, so I have no expectations there...just a little fun from time to time.

I have created another problem with A.  He has had an ongoing dialogue with me since Saturday.  I think he wants me to invite him over, but I told him that I can't host with my kids around, so that won't happen, but I think he still wants me to fuck him.  That feels pretty good for the ego, to think that I can still make a 21 YO guy want me that bad.

But, I haven't connected with Kel much.  I am not sure he wants to be more than a dinner friend...sure wish he did.

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