Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sweet Sunday 3some

Today was a down day.  Not that I was down, just a day I planned to kind of take it easy.  After a raucous weekend that was spicier than I expected, I was OK to take it easy today.  I guess I forgot to mention that yesterday [Sunday actually], my regular Sunday bottom boi [who I had not seen in 2 weeks] was looking for me...he needed to be fucked, I guess.  And he wanted something special, so he asked me to get my other bud, and the three of us have some naked fun.  I had tried once a few weeks ago, but it fell through, so I was not optimistic that we would succeed...but we did.

After a few miscues, he found my other bud's house.  The first big decision was where in the house to play, since we were standing there in the rec room taking our clothes off, I think we had already made that decision.  It started a little slow...BB [bottom boi] was his usual outstanding self, great pecs, lats, and all of those other muscles that make him look good, were in great working order.  He immediately went down on me, having missed my dick for a few weeks.  My other bud then got undressed.

But it was strange for me.  I was not used to having another guy around when BB and I were playing, and it had an adverse effect on me.  I didn't keep it as hard as I usually do.  In fact, I barely fucked BB at all.  So, instead, he kept my dick in his mouth for a long time.  He has a great mouth and knows what makes a guy feel good.  It wasn't long before I was cumming, and he hungrily ate it all.

Meanwhile, my other bud was just getting started.  He finally got his monster dick in BB, and I had my fun watching the two of them and taking pictures and videos.  I do truly love to see my BB get fucked.  He is so vocal, like a cheering party all his own, telling the top how great it feels, how he loves being fucked, and keeps it going the whole time.  And, I must admit, that my bud fucked him longer and harder than I had recently, so I know that BB really liked it....on his back, on all fours, on his side, and riding my bud's dick.

So, today, the down day.  It's just after midnight, and I am a bit horny.  Maybe just watch some porn and JO.
Later ----

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