Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Since I can remember, I wanted to believe that I was like every other guy.  I always only wanted to be 'normal' yet always knew that I wasn't.  Finally, finally, I am able to accept that and just move on.  I am sure that is not a big deal to any readers I have, but it is a big deal to me.  

Although I am not really OUT, I am comfortable with where I am.  I still enjoy being with a nice woman from time to time, but I really do like my guy time too.  As much as I want to say that my time with guys is different than my time with women, it really isn't so much.  Disregarding the sex, there is a 'dance' to determine who is going to lead, and who is going to follow.  Then we figure out the limits, or just keep pushing until we hit one.  We gotta decide who is going to 'get off' first and who might have to wait a little.  If the partners are really in sync, it could happen at the same time, but not often in my experience.  

But most importantly, with either a man or a woman, for me, it is all about making my partner feel good.  It takes quite a bit sometimes to figure that out.  Rarely do I find that what I am told my partner wants is actually what really gets them off.  But, I think I like guys better sometimes because, in my experience, it is less of a guessing game with them.  I have never had a guy fake an orgasm, for example, but I am sure it has happened sometime with a woman.  

I do have one lady partner who breaks most rules, but only one partner.  And she also gives the best blow job that any woman has given me, and better than some men.  I am going to see her in a couple of weeks, first time in several months, and I can't wait to experience her again.  To have her and one of my favorite guys in a 3 way is a fantasy of mine.  I guess I will have to beat off to that one later.  

This guy has absolutely nothing to do with this post, but he is so HOT, that I couldn't help putting him in the blog.
(borrowed from the internet.)

I think maybe he was just doing laundry and got caught by the photographer.


  1. A hot pic...
    Just ran across that pic on the internet the other day...

  2. I think we all want to be "normal" the thing is we already are. The trick is realizing and then accepting it.

    Love that pic so much I "borrowed it too!