Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Bucket List 15

I can't explain why these things seem so attractive to me, but they are.

  1. Molest Adam Levine.  He is anything but my ideal guy...too thin, too many tattoos, and he's not even got a chance of being gay.  But there is something about him, a sinister innocence maybe, a look, that turns me on. 
  2. Spend an undetermined amount of time [at least 15 days] in England/Europe.  I want to go with enough money, stay where the locals would stay, eat where the locals would eat, and enjoy.  The adventurer in me is ready.  But, first, I have to find the right guy to go with me.  [I may need more like 15 weeks.]
  3. Meet Hugh Laurie.  Any guy with a natural British accent who can fool us with an American accent can't be all bad.  Besides, he's kind of a naughty kind of guy. 
  4. Do anything with Alex O'Loughlin...OK...maybe we wouldn't do well on Jeopardy together, but it would still be fun to hang with him.
  5. Join the ski patrol.  Snow, of course.  
  6. Meet Sean from Just A Jeep Guy.  There is no way a guy who has such great taste in guys isn't a really great guy to know.
  7. Bartend at Hilton Head...on the beach.
  8. Believe it or not, I want to meet Sally Field.  I have heard she is as great a lady in person as you would expect her to be.  Just dinner and maybe drinks on the beach.
  9. Work on a movie...almost any movie...just for the experience.
  10. Work on a Broadway Play....just for a week or so.  And it doesn't even have to be on stage.  I'll do anything.  
  11. Find more great friends...and hopefully a special one who isn't otherwise committed.
  12. Experience Provincetown.
  13. Australia...just go and have fun...explore.
  14. Times Square for one New Years.
  15. Watch my daughter graduate.


  1. I got to spend seven days in England for work, but worked six of those days and didn't see much. I stayed in the company apartment in a seaside village, and went down to the pub at night, where pretty much everybody in the village went. It was wonderful and I'd love to repeat that experience again [at least 15 times].

    1. I'll let you come with me if you behave.

  2. I don't think you could stop me.

    1. I think you'd rather be with Cubby when he's not behaving. :)

  3. Well at least one of those items should be crossed off this year. Thanks for the compliment but be careful not to mistake taste for quality of character.