Sunday, February 17, 2013

Some Firsts That Happened on the 15th

Cubby and his partner were kind enough to show this newby around a few bars in DC.

It was the FIRST time I ...
  1. ... arrived in DC on time on a Friday.
  2. ... visited The Green Lantern.
  3. ... went to a BEAR Happy Hour.
  4. ... visited TOWN DanceBoutique.
  5. ... was accosted by a horny guy at a bar. [Accosted=felt up, kissed]
  6. ... was felt up by TWO guys in a bar at the same time. [I am such a slut.]
  7. ... kissed a guy in an elevator.
  8. ... ate a dinner prepared by Cubby.
  9. ... took three showers within any 2 hour period.
  10. ... ate Breakfast prepared by Cubby (and it was good.)
  11. ... got me a FUK-IT pack from DC.
  12. ... used said pack.
  13. ... got to know a blogger so intimately.
  14. ... saw I-395 with no traffic on it [except when it was closed for a wreck].
  15. ... am not going to tell you any more FIRSTS.


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  2. Green Lantern is awesome. My visit there also had a first like that. First time I scored 2 phone numbers. Had sex with 3 people in under 24 hours. And like you, got grouped and grouped many people. They have a way of making you feel very welcome there. LOL