Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I Never- 15 in Detail

Cubby and I stole the idea from Jim at his blog and started the "I NEVER - 15" list.  First, thanks to everyone for your comments.  I had a few offers to mark things off the list, but there are some I don't want to ever mark off, thank you.  However, there are some I would love to mark off.  Here is the breakdown:
I never ...

  1. ...have been handcuffed [by a police official].  And don't really care to be...ever....maybe by a---oh never mind.  That's a whole nother post.
  2. ...have had a MMF sexual encounter.  Tough one to decide, but with the right guy [Loki would be fun] I could enjoy this.  Maybe that should be a red because it would have to be the right guy.
  3. ...raced in a race car.  Oh yeah....not a whole race, but a few times around the track would be a blast.  I am not even a NASCAR fan, but it still is appealing.  [DC Traffic doesn't count.}
  4. ...took a ride in a hot air balloon.  Love to do this...with some great friends.  Maybe we could even do something fun while we are on the ride. ;-))
  5. ...had sex in a tent.  I'm open to takers on this one.
  6. ...fucked on the beach.  Yep...maybe in a tent, and mark both off.
  7. ...been to Maine.  I think I want this one too...I hear Maine is beautiful even if I don't speak the dialect.
  8. ...have run a marathon.  I would like to do this, but it is not a burning passion right now.
  9. ...killed an animal on purpose (hunting).  Would do it for survival, but not for sport.
  10. ...been kissed in a NY gay bar.  I can't wait for this one...
  11. ...been surfing.  This one should be whatever color red and green make because I think it would be fun but not a it ends up red.
  12. ...been to Asia.  Believe it or not, this is not a passion of mine either.  Australia, Europe, YES...but no real desire for Asia right now.
  13. ...had a circumcision. No thanks.  Never.
  14. ...have had a tattoo.  Yeah...someday.
  15. ...have met a politician that I liked.  I'm neutral on this too, but at lease one writer knows a likable politician, so I leave this one green.

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