Monday, February 18, 2013

Well, I Never ...

I picked this up from Cubby at Patently Queer who picked it up from Jim over at Jim’s Stuff .

It comes from a drinking game they played ... imagine that ...drinking.
Anyway, in this version, if you have done one of these things, then you need to leave a comment stating what you have done… and tell us the story if you want. (or drink… lol) OK?
In Cubby's words, "I think this would be fun if other bloggers did a post like this; with their own list of things they’ve never done. I promise I would play along.
Sounds like great fun.

I never ...
  1. ...have been handcuffed [by a police official].
  2. ...have had a MMF sexual encounter.
  3. ...raced in a race car.
  4. ...took a ride in a hot air balloon.
  5. ...had sex in a tent.
  6. ...fucked on the beach.
  7. ...been to Maine.
  8. ...have run a marathon.
  9. ...killed an animal on purpose (hunting).
  10. ...been kissed in a NY gay bar.
  11. ...been surfing.
  12. ...been to Asia.
  13. ...had a circumcision.
  14. ...have had a tattoo.
  15. ...have met a politician that I liked.


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  2. I have done:

    #5: My ex-wife and I went back-country wilderness camping for our honeymoon ... fantastic!
    #8: I've run several full marathons and hope to do so again.
    #9: Growing up in a wilderness area, many families hunted as a matter of course. (as I did.) I haven't hunted for years but my son wants to take it up next year.
    #11, #13
    #14 but not a decorate tattoo, just to mark the locations of my radiation treatments as a cancer patient

  3. Since I started this and promised that I would play along.. here goes. (I think y'all just want me to get me drunk!) LOL
    1. My brother was a police man and would handcuff me when I was being stupid (LOL) but I've not been arrested.
    5. I love camping. Sex in a tent is great!
    6. Sex in the beach is best doggie style where there is no chance of getting gritty sand where it shouldn't be! *evil grin*
    7. I picked up a guy in a gay bar in Portland, ME.
    9. I grew up in the west with hunters.
    10. Kissed many New Yorkers in the bars there!
    13. I was circumcised as an infant.
    14. I have 5 tattoos
    15. Joel Burns, the gay city councilman in Ft Worth is a friend of mine. He talked about bullying in the city council meeting that went viral on YouTube.

  4. 5. Sex in a tent several times - all on one of the 5 AIDES RIDES (300-500 mile fundraising bike rides)

    6. Fucked on a beach - in MA - PTown with fiancé, DE - Rehoboth with a birthday boy , NY- cruising the dunes on Jones Beach, NC - Outter Banks with bf, FL - South Beach with a trick.

    7. Been to ME - went to grad school in MA and we'd go hiking and shopping there all the time

    10. Kissed in NY Gay Bar - many times, many bars, more than kissing

    13. Circumcised - at birth

    14. tattoos - yes, on my left upper arm, a symbol for Virgo surrounded by a Celtic braid.