Tuesday, February 12, 2013

IDEAL or interesting JOBS

My ideal jobs [considering the lazy pervert that I am]:
  1. Furniture Tester
  2. Hiring Manager for the Abercrombie models.
  3. The guy who dots the 'I' for the OSU band.
  4. Beer Taster
  5. Proof Reader for the Golden Press
  6. Adam Levine's Hairdresser
  7. Snowplow Driver for the city of San Antonio
  8. Fortune Cookie Writer
  9. Prophet
  10. Weather Forecaster
  11. Wine Taster
  12. Orgasm Judge
  13. Dominater
  14. The Pricing Manager for "The Dollar Store". [the guy who sets the prices]
  15. Professional Whistler
 What is your favorite job?

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