Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sean's TMI Thursday

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1. What do you think of Valentine's Day?  Not a's a manufactured holiday created by business men. I think that is great, and I love that someone had the foresight and business acumen to make it happen...long live the independent businessman and good old American know how...but I don't care to participate.  And besides, February 14 is a day early.
2. Are you romantic? Absolutely...but the best romantic doesn't need a special day to make it all happen.  Best to surprise your lover, or wannabe lover, when the mood strikes need to wait for February.

 3. Candy or Flowers? After reading number 2, I'm not sure how to answer, but I guess when I want to impress, let my lover know how much I care, it would be neither.  But, I am big on small tokens that trigger a memory of a special time. 
4. What is Valentine's Day like when you're single?  Being 'single' always sucks and Valentines Day doesn't make it any better.  Everyone needs someone to love and be loved by.

5. What do you plan on doing this Valentine's Day? I'll tell you that morning--haven't figured it out yet.
6. Your relationship is ending, do you break up before or after?  The whole relationship thing is another problem....I don't like ending any of them, but I do recognize that they are constantly changing.  I want to be friends with everyone I ever met [except for that crazy axe murderer-LOL].
7. What was your WORST Valentine's Day?  N/A
8. What was your BEST Valentine's Day?  N/A

Do you expect to have sex because it's Valentine's Day?  No.  I expect to have sex because it is one of those days ending in DAY.  


  1. I like your responses, especially to the bonus question (you slut). You deserve 15 rainbow stars.

    I love the top pic. Two hotties in public with their arms around each other, sitting away from everyone so they can have intimate conversation where they speak their hearts and minds and hold nothing back, telling their secrets, confessing their fears, baring their souls. All while the one guy has a copy of "Inches" magazine on his lap and the other guy has a big wet spot in the front of his pants.

    1. Wet spot? I missed that. What are you looking at anon? LOL.
      And you might note it is their 15th anniversary!