Monday, February 4, 2013

Number 15

You know how you feel when you have found new friends. 

 It leaves you with a feeling of euphoria for a while, to know that there are others who have walked in your shoes, and know how to make you feel good.  

I'll tell you more about it later.


  1. I like your pics, Nate. Friends showering together, friends teasing each other on the stairs, a 6'2" guy attempting to dominate a 5'11" guy, friends making out on the couch, friends double-teaming some lucky college student. It's been my experience that all of these activities are best with friends.

    I like it when I see friends of mine make an internet connection between themselves on Facebook. For a few days I'm witness to a barrage of postings between them. I think that's the euphoria you mentioned.

    When bloggers meet in person it's the same way: "a feeling of euphoria for a while". And every so often when like-minded guys meet and hit it off, the euphoria doesn't fade so quickly and a lasting friendship is born. I love it when that happens. In fact I yearn for it, as do most people.

    1. Unfortunately, we didn't find the 'lucky college student'...that would have been hot...but pretty much everything else happened. I especially enjoyed the showers, and the rimming...that WAS hot.