Tuesday, February 5, 2013

"The last thing I want to do is hurt you ....

...but it IS on the list."

Rob had an unusual request:  "I need to be spanked."
I personally know a lot of people that need to be spanked, but not for sexual gratification.
My virgin experience had never run across this before.  I know, all you guys know about all of this shit, but I am a novice...even at my age.  Doesn't mean I'm INNOCENT, just STUPID. 

The ensuing emails proved he was very serious.
"Can I fuck you?", I asked.
"Yes, if you want.  But only if you spank me first.
With a belt,"  he said.

OK...I'm game.  Let's try this out.  Never been there, never had an urge to do that for sexual reasons, never really thought it would help get me hard, but, OK...let's try it. 

So, those 'first meeting jitters' start.  But, he showed up as expected....decent looking...coulda been my next door neighbor...almost looks TOO normal...everyday...clean cut. 

"Hey, Rob....come on in.  Now tell me why you didn't get that lawn cleaned up!!"
After the typical lame excuses that a teenager might give, I quickly moved to the punishment.  I can be a hard ass when I want/try.
First just a hand spanking through his pants, but that proved to be hard on the hand.  I had him pull down his pants, leave the boxers, and lay down over my knee.  He protested but obliged.  Still, hand spanking was not getting it done.
"Take off your belt!"
"My belt?", he protested.  "But, what are you gonna do?  Don't hurt me.  I didn't mean it.  I promise I won't do it again.  Please, please, don't, "  he pleaded.
It sounded so sincere, I almost thought I had the wrong guy or something.  Did he really want me to do this or is this some sick joke?  The growing wet spot in his pants resolved my doubts!!!!

And, surprising to me, the growing wet spot in MY pants was as telling.

More to come.


  1. "I know, all you guys know about all of this shit". I wouldn't say all of us. Some of us are more vanilla than others. Inflicting a lot of pain on others is a turn off for me. But inflicting a light pain, like a little face slap, is a major turn on.